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Decorative stickers, boy’s room: tips, where to buy

You decorative stickers allow you to customize an environment with great taste and creativity. They are low cost, adapt to different surfaces and offer ease of application.

Children’s room decorated with stickers. (Photo: Disclosure)

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Before choose sticker template most appropriate, it is important to observe the dimensions of the place, lighting, furniture and other decorative elements. Walls should be illustrated with colors and designs without compromising aesthetic harmony.

Several environments can be decorated with stickersas is the case with children’s room🇧🇷 The illustrated walls are able to stimulate the child’s imagination and also make the games more fun. The pieces do not compromise the space and do not interfere with the safety of the small resident.

The stickers chosen for decorate the children’s room need to value the child’s preferences. It is also essential that the new finish does not clash with other decor items, such as furniture and accessories.

THE children’s room decor varies according to the sex of the child. The same elements that please a girl do not satisfy a boy and vice versa. In the case of boys, it is interesting that the aesthetics of the environment value the idea of ​​action and adventure.

What this article covers:

Decorative stickers for boy’s room

‘Transportation’ themed stickers make decorating more fun. (Photo: Disclosure)

Here are some tips to help you choose the right one. decorative stickers for boy’s room🇧🇷

• To create a masculine atmosphere, it is worth betting on light blue, dark blue, green, brown or gray colors;

• You themed stickers are successful in children’s decoration. Boys usually like to decorate the walls with pictures related to cars, sports, games, cartoons and animals;

• Depending on the size, decorative stickers can be applied to furniture and walls;

• Excessive details are not the strong point of masculine decor, so it’s worth betting on simpler stickers;

• The colors of the chosen sticker must be within the environment’s palette;

• The adhesive must have dimensions proportional to the application site;

Decorative space-inspired stickers. (Photo: Disclosure)

• For apply the stickerit is important that the surface is smooth, clean and without irregularities;

• Working with a colorful aesthetic is an interesting way to use stickers in the decoration of the boy’s room. The mix of tones makes the environment happy and fun.

Where to buy stickers for a boy’s room?

See suggestions about where to buy stickers for boys room🇧🇷

Cazulo: the site features decorative stickers that appeal to children of all ages. Skateboard, dolphin, monsters and robot are some theme options for boys.

Well Paste🇧🇷 the store has a variety of wall stickers. In the children’s category, it is worth mentioning the themes of Formula 1, Astronaut, Football, Savannah and Cars.

stuck together🇧🇷 consumers can find stickers of the boys’ favorite characters on the site, such as Spider-Man and Buzz (Toy Story). Football, cars, kites, dinosaurs, the bottom of the sea, space and sheep are other valued themes.

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