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Decorative panels for the classroom: tips

THE classroom it is a second home for children. In this way, she needs to have a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere capable of stimulating learning. The teacher should not only be concerned with the arrangement of the desks, but should also take into account the wall decoration🇧🇷

The decorative panel adorns the room and contributes to student learning. (Photo: Disclosure)

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What this article covers:

The classroom decor

At classroom walls they cannot be neutral and sober. It is essential that they have illustrations and diversified colors to attract students’ attention.

THE kindergarten room presents walls with different decoration, but it is up to the teacher to increase the aesthetics with new decorations. A good way to transform the look of the environment every two months is by investing in decorative panels🇧🇷

Decorative paneling tips for the classroom

Decorative panels are usually made with EVA boards. (Photo: Disclosure)

Here are some tips for working with decorative panels in the classroom🇧🇷

• At EVA boards(a rubberized material), are the main material for making panels;

• To work on EVA sheets, it is important to have the help of molds;

• Decorative panels attached to the walls can encourage the development of students’ skills. They can, for example, contain the alphabet, math signs, and even some vocabulary-enhancing words;

• A decorative panel with the days of the week for each month helps the class to visualize colleagues’ appointments and birthdays;

• To make a panel, it is important to always associate images with words and numbers. This technique makes the content more playful and complete in terms of language;

• The decorative panel can have removable parts, which allow calculating or creating new work proposals. Example: the math tree;

The panel that decorates the classroom can enhance some special date. (Photo: Disclosure)

• O use of the decorative panel in the room classroom can serve to indicate the existence of some special space, such as the reading corner;

• At the beginning of classes, the teacher can prepare a beautiful panel with the phrase ‘Welcome’ to welcome the students;

• Each season of the year can serve as inspiration to create a panel;

• Children can learn about commemorative dates through the panels that decorate the classroom. Easter, Mother’s Day, Children’s Day and Christmas are some inspiring occasions for decoration;

• The decorative panel also serves to count how many students are present in the classroom;

• A elaboration of the panel It’s a creative way to showcase students’ work.

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