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Decorative and handmade candles – Meaning of colors

Learn all about the Decorative and handmade candles – Meaning of colors🇧🇷 These items are not only aimed at the aesthetics and lighting of residential environments, but are also concerned with attracting good energy to the space.

Decorative and handmade candles – Meaning of colors. (Photo: Disclosure)

Many people have the habit of making decorative candles by hand. They develop pieces with different formats, colors, sizes and fragrances. Choosing the right candle to light a certain environment helps to stimulate good vibes and repels all negativity.

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Decorative and handmade candles – Meaning of colors

Candles in Feng Shui

Candles, with their different colors, attract positive energies. (Photo: Disclosure)

Feng Shui, a Chinese technique for harmonizing environments, talks a lot about the power of candles. They are responsible for ending darkness and can bring light to an environment. Each candle has the ability to light people’s minds, give strength, faith and cheer. Lighting a candle is much more than performing some religious ritual. In fact, it helps to open new paths and attract positive things to life.

By lighting colored candles at home, residents increase the chances of achieving goals and objectives in different aspects of life (family, work, friendship, love). But to get the expected results, you need to understand the vibrations that are related to each color.

Check out more details about the decorative and handmade candles – meaning of colors🇧🇷

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Candle colors and their meanings

The white candle attracts peace and purity. (Photo: Disclosure)

white candle: the best option to attract peace and universal love. Its purpose is very positive, especially when the intention is to maintain a good relationship with the guardian angel.

brown candle: Earth color helps maintain mental strength and concentration. Anyone facing moments of doubt should light a brown candle.

blue candle: a great choice for emotional balance, calm and tranquility. It’s also a good color for commanding respect.

silver candle: a very positive color to stimulate prosperity and intuition.

lilac candle: to be able to turn all negativity into something positive, bet on the lilac candle. This color is very positive for those who need to get rid of certain addictions, such as alcohol and cigarettes.

Lilac candles contribute to spirituality. (Photo: Disclosure)

pink candle: to sharpen the romanticism, nothing better than lighting a pink candle. Color is a great bet to attract pure love and spread love to others.

orange candle: this color is very invigorating and serves as a stimulus for creativity. She can also increase mental power.

yellow candle: opens people’s minds to all the wisdom the universe has to offer. It is a color of understanding and attracts wealth.

golden candle: by lighting a candle with this color, it is possible to bring some of the sun’s energy into the house. Attracts success and prosperity.

red candle: color of passion and sex. It vibrates with all the intensity of the universe, so it helps you get projects done faster.

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Enjoy the tips from decorative and handmade candles – meaning of colors🇧🇷 That way, your home will have a more pleasant energy.

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