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Decorations for the birthday party of Pintadinha Chicken

THE Pintadinha Chicken is a character that has been gaining immense prominence and importance among children, since in addition to being very cute, it has educational and highly animated songs for children. Therefore, if you have a son or daughter who is a fan of this cartoon, here are some Pintadinha Chicken decoration tips and get ready to throw a signature party:

Here are some decorating tips that will make your party even more beautiful and lively (Photo: Disclosure)

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How to start crafting the party

to make a chicken birthday party, first choose to resort to elements of the same colors as the characters, such as white, blue, yellow and red. An interesting tip is to create a scenario in the style of a small farm, with a styrofoam fence for guests to deposit their gifts inside, in addition to little grasses made of crepe paper accompanied by straw baskets, next to the toy eggs. The games of colored lights and music are also elements that will liven up the party, however, vary the repertoire a little, making clear the Pintadinha chicken songs for the most special moments.

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Create a farm atmosphere at the Galinha Pintadinha party (Photo: Disclosure)

Decorations of Pintadinha Chicken

To arrange the Pintadinha Chicken decorations at the birthday party, you can choose ready-made models, which are generally made of cardboard and EVA, or order other special handmade models. In either case, it is important to point out that the cake and sweets will be the most important element of the party, so special attention should be paid to these spices, which will make the event even more characteristic. For this, you can choose from cupcake models with the faces of the characters as well as egg-shaped sweets, which are simpler to make.

Have the decorations of the Pintadinha Chicken also in the sweets (Photo: Disclosure)

Already at the table chicken birthday party, it is interesting to buy the characters’ dolls themselves, which are already made of plush or plastic with interactive functions. In addition to giving a special charm to the party, you can later take them home and present the child with these toys that, in addition to being very fun, are great for decorating your child’s room, or even the kitchen when the child no longer wants the product. Blue balloons with white polka dots, playpen and rustic elements reminiscent of a farm are always welcome in a Pintadinha Chicken Party. Therefore, do not skimp on your creativity and make the best decorations for a children’s birthday party of your son or daughter and have lots of fun!

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