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Decoration With Wood On The Wall

Wood is a material widely used for decorating environments, both indoors and outdoors. The houses that use this element in the look take on a timeless, sophisticated and balanced aesthetic with the rustic style. In addition to being present in the manufacture of furniture and horizontal cladding, wood is also an alternative for decorating walls. Check out information about Decoration With Wood On The Wall and photos for you to inspire in your decor.

What this article covers:

The wood-covered walls display an excessive elegance, capable of influencing the other features that make up the decor. To assume the role of vertical cladding, the wood needs to be worked, have a structure compatible with its cladding function. Some launched trends already influence the wood wall decoras is the case with the innovative demolition wood.

The coating with demolition wood it is a perfect representation of the robust and elegant effect. This material is an excellent decorative piece and makes up beautiful internal panels for the house. Never before has wood been so valued for decoration as it is now.

By opting for wood wall cladding, the residents of the property create cozy, beautiful and functional environments. The panels make a perfect vertical coverage and can illustrate any room according to your planning.

Besides the worn demolition wood that creates a robust effect, there are also pieces that undergo treatment and are then used to cover walls in a very modern way, as is the case with decks. The internal partitions are also usually lined with wooden boards and demonstrate the efficiency of the material in decoration.

You Wood panels are being widely used as the basis of LCD TVs, featuring an innovative style of decoration. The cladding is still considered the perfect solution to combine the rustic with the contemporary without breaking the balance proposal.

As for the functionalities, the walls coated with wood perform the thermal and acoustic insulation of environments🇧🇷 The coating ends up making the environments more comfortable on cold days and prevents excessive sound from entering. Remember to combine the walls with the other items that make up the room, such as furniture and accessories.

Check out several photos below to inspire you to start your own wood wall decoration🇧🇷

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