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Decoration with vinyl stickers

O vinyl sticker, that is, the famous Con-Tact, often used to cover school books and notebooks, gained specific space in the customization of environments. THE decorating with vinyl stickers It became a real option not long ago, when this decorated and highly adhesive plastic began to be used to make environments more beautiful, being applied to furniture, such as sideboards, or even to the walls of homes.

Decoration with vinyl stickers that formed a tree (Photo: Disclosure)

Currently, you can find stickers for walls in paint and decoration stores. These items can have larger designs, which just add a different touch to the style of the room. Decorate with vinyl stickers it is advantageous for the price, as the paint to change an entire wall costs much more, while the adhesive on the decoration is much cheaper. Other than that, it doesn’t get dirty compared to general painting, in addition to being faster to apply.

Decoration with vinyl stickers for the wall (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

You vinyl stickers they are very democratic, as they offer people the possibility of applying designs and shapes that tend to suit all tastes. Those who don’t like colors very much and don’t want to take risks when decorating their home can invest in black stickers for white walls. The design is at your discretion, as long as it is in the context of the environment.

Decoration with vinyl stickers in 3D (Photo: Disclosure)

Tips for vinyl stickers to decorate the house

Are you tired of looking at that used furniture that is making your house ugly? Then, reform it in minutes with a decoration made with vinyl stickers🇧🇷 In the example we are following, the person left the kitchen cupboard looking like a work of art. For this, buy the famous Con-Tact at the nearest stationery store.

Decoration with vinyl stickers in a kitchen cabinet (Photo: Disclosure)

– To begin with, remove the paper that protects the glue from the item;

– Place the sheet on a table with the sticky part facing up;

– Place the piece to be glued in contact with the glue, but slowly and carefully, as the vinyl sticker forms blisters if not applied correctly;

– Slide a plastic spatula (or hard plastic ruler) across the glued area, always from the inside out, eliminating imperfections;

– Squeeze the folds well to reinforce the glue;

– Sand the edges of the furniture to finish the decoration with stickers;

– Cut off the leftovers vinyl sticker with a stylus to finish.

Check out a photo gallery of decorations made with vinyl stickers🇧🇷

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