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Decoration with recycled material: tips, ideas

Decoration with recycled material: tips, ideas – The decoration gives space for the resident to decorate environments with good taste and creativity. An interesting idea to transform the look of the residence is to opt for recycling, an activity in which materials that would be thrown in the trash are reused and making a good composition of these different materials, you get a beautiful and super pleasant environment. Check out how in our article.

Packaging turned into flower pots.

What this article covers:

When well done, the recyclable materials can be transformed into decorative objects and even furniture. Although there is a certain prejudice in relation to products from recycling, some pieces are capable of surprising through aesthetics and do not denounce the origin.

To create decorative elements with materials that would be discarded, it is essential to appropriate some craft techniques and use a creative sense. There are many possibilities of making, especially to compose the details of an environment. Certainly the use of recycled pieces in the look of the house will make the decoration more ecological.

Work with recyclable materials in decoration represents a way to preserve the environment, after all, the individual reduces the amount of garbage. Dealing with recycled pieces is also advantageous from a financial point of view, as the resident can redesign the decoration with objects and even furniture, without this implying large expenses.

Putting recycling into practice goes far beyond separating waste, it also includes reusing paper, plastic, metal, glass and other materials. Here are some interesting suggestions for decorating the main rooms of the house:

Living room

Armchair made with tires.

The main social area of ​​the house can be modified with objects made from recycling. A good idea to work in the environment is to use beanbags made of PET or cardboard bottles, capable of making the environment colorful, comfortable and very relaxed. There is even the possibility of making a sofa out of a car tire. A lamp made of plastic cups or flower vases made with glass bottles are also welcome elements in the room.

Dining room

Newspaper ornament to decorate the table.

As you cannot change the furniture in this room so much, it is possible to transform it with decorations made from recyclable materials. A basket or fruit bowl made of newspaper can decorate the center of the table with elegance and authenticity.


Packaging helps keep the kitchen organized.

Glass bottles can be used to store spices, while metal cans can serve as a container for cutlery and other household items. Don’t forget to recycle the glass jars to make tasteful decorations.


Recycling appears in bathroom decor.

Recycling ideas take shape in decoration through accessories. In the sanitary space, for example, it is possible to fix aluminum cans on the wall to store towels. Other materials are also often transformed into bathroom accessories.


The crate was reused to store toys.

Try making a shoe rack using fairground crates, but don’t forget to customize them with paint or another type of finish. Another possibility is to cover these structures with fabric scraps and make organizing boxes.

Take advantage of the tips and mount the decoration with recycled material🇧🇷

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