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Decoration with Pied and Chevron prints

THE Decoration with Pied and Chevron prints It’s a great tip for anyone wanting to innovate the look of residential environments. This print, with a modern and at the same time retro feel, manages to make spaces more charming, relaxed and personalized. Read the article and see amazing ideas to decorate.

Decoration with Pied and Chevron prints. (Ilustrative Photo)

In the area of ​​decoration, it is possible to find an infinity of trends, which are usually rescued from other eras to offer new experiences in colors, formats, textures and patterns. Much of what is successful on the catwalks of the fashion world also ends up becoming a decoration trend, as is the case with Pied and Chevron prints.

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What this article covers:

Pied and Chevron are two different prints, but they have something in common: they bet on irreverent geometric patterns. They can be incorporated in different ways into the decoration, but for that it is necessary to put good taste and creativity into practice.

Before betting on decoration with Pied and Chevron printsit is very important that you know the characteristics of each pattern.

pied de poule print

Pied de Poule print. (Ilustrative Photo)

Pied de Poule is a print that was born in 1920 and became a fashion icon, appearing in pieces designed by stylist Coco Chanel. The engravings that make up the pattern refer to a chicken footprint. In the fashion world, Pied is constantly associated with winter looks and heavy fabrics.

Pied de Poule print in bedroom decor. (Ilustrative Photo)

Chevron print

Chevron is another classic print from the fashion world, which was created in the 50’s to symbolize the Italian fashion house Missoni. The main feature of the pattern is the sequence of an inverted “V”. Typically, it combines black and white colors or can incorporate colorful tones to diversify it a bit.

Chevron print in the decoration of the room. (Ilustrative Photo)

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How to use these prints in decoration?

The Pied de Poule and Chevron prints, when used in the right measure, can add value to any space in the house. These geometric patterns are capable of ending the monotony of the layout and work as a differential in the decorated environment.

Classic patterns can be applied in virtually every room in the house, especially in the living room and bedroom. You can, for example, bet on pillows that value these prints or even customize a wall with one of the two geometric patterns. Both Chevron and Pied can also appear in rugs, armchairs, and even in the finish of refurbished antique furniture.

Bet on prints and put an end to the monotony of spaces. (Ilustrative Photo)

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bet on decoration with Pied and Chevron prints, because your residence will certainly have a contemporary and sophisticated look at the same time. Continue to Mundo das Tribos and see other articles about design and architecture.

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