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Decoration with photographs and paintings 2017

Check out the main trends of decoration with photographs and frames 2017šŸ‡§šŸ‡· Are you wanting to transform the look of your home? So know that it is possible to do this through compositions with photographs, posters and even works of art. Read the article to check out some amazing ideas.

Innovate the decor with frames and photos. (Photo: Reproduction/emmahos)

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The paintings are responsible for leaving any room in the house with an artistic touch. The photos, on the other hand, serve to tell a little of the history of the residents and add a dash of personality to the decor. Best of all, these two visual elements can coexist harmoniously in the layout! The World of Tribes separated some tips for decorating the house with pictures and framesšŸ‡§šŸ‡· Check out:


Using picture frames is not the only way to display photographs in decoration. You can also create a clothesline, highlighting the special moments of your life. This idea is great for decorating the room. After hanging the photos on the clothesline, you can highlight them with a string of lights.

Photo hanger.  (Photo: Reproduction/campusgrotto)

Photo hanger. (Photo: Reproduction/Campusgrotto)

Putting together a photo wall is a very common habit among Brazilians, but you can bet on a different composition. Try arranging the photographs on the wall, valuing the shape of a heart, star or some letter of the alphabet.

Heart-shaped photo wall.  (Photo: Playback/Pinterest)

Heart-shaped photo wall. (Photo: Playback/Pinterest)

paintings leaning against

Instead of using nails to hang the pictures, try a technique that doesn’t need holes: put the pieces together. You can lean the works of art on the wall or on some piece of furniture, such as the sideboard. The use of shelves to display paintings has also become very popular.

Frames leaning.  (Photo: Reproduction/home-designing)

Frames leaning. (Photo: Reproduction/home-designing)

modern frames

Modern frames.  (Photo: Reproduction/home-tudoorna)

Modern frames. (Photo: Reproduction/home-tudoorna)

That old habit of decorate the house with pictures of fruits and landscapes is in the past. The trend now is to work with more modern compositions, such as urban settings, product packaging, movie scenes and abstract art.

Use frames of different sizes to decorate the living room or bedroom. The arrangement of the pieces on the wall should also be asymmetrical, in order to make the wall look more modern and relaxed.

Frames with different sizes.  (Photo: Reproduction/home-designing)

Frames with different sizes. (Photo: Reproduction/home-designing)

When planning a decoration with pictures and pictures, keep in mind one thing: ā€œless is moreā€. Do not overdo the number of visual elements, as this can make the environment polluted.

photo frames on the wall

This type of decoration is a homemade process that can be done with any object that you can use, such as pieces of wood, styrofoam, plastic bottles, pipes (in this case, the best pipe to use is the thinnest pipe to frame, or pipe of the highest wide to make an internal frame), ceramics and even tiles. Check out some photos.:

did you like the tips for decorating with photos and framesšŸ‡§šŸ‡· Do you have any other interesting ideas? Leave a comment.

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