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Decoration with light and dark tones

learn to make a decoration with light and neutral tones, valuing the rooms of the house in the best possible way. The choice of colors for furniture, walls and accessories is fundamental to determine the sensations of the residents. In general, they heat, cool, expand or shrink the space.

Decoration with light and dark tones. (Ilustrative Photo)

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using light tones

Light tones are the most used in decoration, after all, they don’t wear out easily and don’t get sick over time. These colors, such as white, beige and pastel tones, also contribute to the layout of small environments, as they favor the feeling of spaciousness and activate natural light.

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As much as light colors never go out of style, it’s important to be careful with excesses. A completely white environment can become monotonous, cold and unwelcoming.

Room decorated in light tones. (Ilustrative Photo)

using dark tones

Many people are afraid to use dark colors in decoration, such as gray, black and brown. They fear leaving environments with a dark and gloomy aspect. The good news, however, is that closed colors are on the rise and can make your home very charming, when used in the right measure.

Dark tones like brown, navy blue, black and graphite manage to make the decor sophisticated, without necessarily creating a heavy atmosphere. To obtain this effect, it is essential to control exaggeration and make strategic combinations.

Dark shades prevail in the decoration of the room. (Ilustrative Photo)

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The decoration of the space does not have to be limited to the combination of neutral colors, quite the contrary. You can soften the dark tones with vibrant and strong colors, as is the case with the combination of yellow and graphite, which gives the room an urban and contemporary look. The combination of brown with blue or pink has a gender connotation, that is, it is very cool to work in both male and female environments.

Mixing of light and dark tones

The ideal is to mix light and dark tones in the decoration, in order to create a light, receptive and cozy environment. If decorating with brown seems too heavy, then it’s worth including some elements in white or beige colors. In order not to create a very harsh transition, the ideal is to replace the traditional white with a soft light color, as is the case with champagne.

Mixing of light and dark tones. (Ilustrative Photo)

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Now you have good ideas to do decoration with light and dark tonesšŸ‡§šŸ‡· Continue to Mundo das Tribos and see many other inspiring materials to decorate your home.

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