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Decoration with geometric motifs: tips, photos

Decorating is an art, in addition to being quite fun and interesting, due to the play of colors and shapes, which are capable of completely changing any environment. Moods are renewed with beautiful decoration, as if another stage in the life of the house was beginning. Following trends is something interesting for those who like to frequently change the look of their home or any other living space. For those who don’t give up modern elements, the decor with geometric motifs it’s a great alternative.

Geometric motifs give a more modern look to the decor (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

At geometric shapes are innumerable. The colors and styles also offer countless decorating possibilities. They can be used for small or large objects, on rugs, pictures or curtains, as well as on the furniture itself, when it has a different geometric shape or finishing details with these motifs.

Circles, cubes, triangles, half circles or rectangles are the most traditional geometric designs in decoration. However, the way they are combined or even the use of other figures, along with color combinations, can result in very special effects in the environment.

Shelves with geometric shapes (Photo: Disclosure)

A room in neutral tones, for example, is very charming and modern with a beautiful rug with geometric motifs🇧🇷 This one can be very colorful or done with tone on tone themes. To match, choose pillows and other small objects in similar colors to the rug.

Not only objects can have geometric prints or shapes. The furniture itself can be made with formats of this type. In the image above, for example, notice how the shelves and niches with geometric shapes gave the room a modern look. The floor, made with tacos, also follows the decoration style.

Furniture with geometric designs and color combinations (Photo: Disclosure)

You can also make a mix of prints in the decor. However, attention is needed, so that everything does not become a colorful salad. In order for this not to happen, some small standards must be followed. In the image above, for example, we see a combination between the print on the rug and the geometric designs on the dresser. Although the themes are completely different, a pattern of color combinations was followed. This pattern is not only in the furniture designs, but also in other objects and on the walls.

To decorate with different geometric prints, combining them all in the same environment, just follow the same precautions. The tip is to try to use similar line drawings. If they are different, choose to balance the details, choosing at least similar colors.

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