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Decoration with Contact Paper

In order for our little corner to always be beautiful and with our style, we always bet on the characteristic decoration of our rooms. The decoration of a property is of great importance. It is the first impression we have when arriving at a room, for example. This will indicate personality traits of such a person. If you like to make a good impression on those who come to your corner and love decoration, check out a great tip to make your room even more fun through Decoration with Contact Paper🇧🇷

What this article covers:

Contact paper is not expensive, can be found at any stationery store and has a huge range of colors and options for models, sizes and prints, one for each style. In addition, you can also assemble combinations in the decoration with contact paper, and make the environment that you will decorate even more stylish, mainly because you can use the contact paper in various parts of the room, including the furniture. Decorate with contact paper It has been something widely used in furniture renovation, thus giving a new face to furniture that looked old.

You can use the contact paper in decoration from the wall, which looks super cool. You can design whatever you want and work with contact paper, see an example of a wall worked with contact paper in various colors. Decorating with contact paper also allows you to style furniture, such as kitchen cabinets, bedrooms, especially children’s rooms. See two examples, a girl’s room decorated with contact paper on the wall and a boy’s room, in which contact paper was also used on the wall.

For room decor, contact paper can be used to give an idea of ​​the family’s lifestyle, or even just be a decorative item to beautify the environment🇧🇷 It’s a great option to leave the original room.

So that you can do it yourself room decoration with contact paper It will take a few simple steps to make the decoration beautiful and uniform:

  1. The most important tip is the selection of the environment and the contact paper design (you can change the papers whenever you want).
  2. Take the measurements of the chosen place, if it is a wall, paste the contact paper from ‘thick strips’
  3. Start on the side of the wall and continue, this makes the ‘strips’ straighter.
  4. So you don’t leave bubbles, have a spatula or even a ruler handy. You can also peel and stick again until it looks just right.

Video lesson for placing contact paper

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