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Decoration with colorful wallpapers

Are you thinking of making a Decoration with colorful wallpapers🇧🇷 Wallpapers are innovative because they can decorate an environment in infinite ways or even be discreet like plain walls. There are those who prefer to invest in wallpapers so they don’t have to paint the walls or even customize them in a way that doesn’t harm the original wall. One of the biggest advantages of wallpaper is the cost-benefit ratio. It may be more expensive than paint, but it lasts three times longer.

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Decorating with colorful wallpapers – There are several ways to decorate with colorful wallpapers (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

O wallpaper can be a great decoration tip to innovate in your home without having to break anything or make “dirt”. A great differential of wallpaper is its cleanliness. Acrylic or synthetic ones can be washed with soap and water without risk of ruining the color of the surface.

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are diverse types of wallpaper🇧🇷

  • Mica: made from natural stones
  • TNT: it is a wallpaper that imitates fabric
  • Vinyl: Indicated for large circulation areas (restaurants, hotels).
  • Satin: accumulates less dust, ideal for children’s rooms.

There are wallpapers that glow in the dark and can be customized (Photo: Disclosure)

It is important that the wall where the paper will be applied is smooth, clean and free of imperfections, cracks or nail holes. If properly cared for, wallpaper can last for over 10 years. Each type of wallpaper has its specific care. O vinyl paper It is the most suitable for the kitchen, as it does not accumulate grease and resists cleaning with a damp cloth. In rooms and corridors, delicate and fragile paper should be avoided. In bathrooms, care should be taken not to use water-based glue, which can become unstuck with humidity.

They exist wallpapers of all colors, drawings and textures. you can decorate your home in many ways. For example, using a strip to divide the wall horizontally and use two types of wallpaper. At the bottom a color stronger and at the top a more neutral tone.

There are cleaning tips for each type of wallpaper.

You can also put different models on different walls. In the children’s room, it is possible to use and abuse creativity. Wallpapers featuring characters, sports, dolls are the most popular prints. Some models even glow in the dark.

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In the double bedroom decorating with colorful wallpapers it is due to the details with flowers, pastel tones, along with mirrors. The bathroom is charming with a flower print in soft colors, such as brown, beige and light pink.

Wallpapers are sold by the roll. Each roll is usually standard 10 meters long by 50 centimeters or 8 meters by 69 centimeters. To remove it you can use water or paper remover. If the wallpaper is removable, use a knife to remove a corner of the paper and pull it as close as possible to the wall, without opening too much to prevent it from tearing. To remove the non-removable paper, wet it with warm water and let it act for minutes, then remove using a spatula. And for washable paper use coarse sandpaper to scrape the surface before wetting. check below decorating with colorful wallpapers Photos:

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