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Decoration with cardboard: tips, photos

Decoration with cardboard: tips, photos – To leave your home with characteristics that refer to your personality, the decor needs to be thought out in a special way. Hiring a decorator is a big step towards making the environments cozy. But, if you don’t have the money to apply this workmanship, the way is to learn some decorating techniques, such as cardboard. A simple decoration style that can be a beautiful decoration for your home, making all the difference in the environments and will certainly earn you many compliments from friends and family.

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Carton can be used to reuse an item (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

What is cardboard?

For those who don’t know, cardboard is a technique that allows you to make various objects that are useful at home and make the decor more beautiful. The decorative process uses gray card paper, of varying weights, white glue as a base and ends with fabric lining. THE decoration with cardboard it’s quite simple to do.

through this technique of cardboard it is possible to make keyrings, picture frames, pen holders, notebooks, even stuff holders, briefcases, panels, mini-drawers and whatever else the creativity of each one allows. It is also possible to create panels to make the walls more colorful than conventional with the cardboard technique.

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Abuse your creativity and invest in cardboard (Photo: Disclosure)

Make money with cartonage

Cartonage can be an important source of income for those who work informally or want an activity to increase their billing at the end of the month. As cartoning is a homemade style artan important tip for you to be successful is to invest in studies on decor and trends.

People are always looking for innovation and following trends, however, another art that is successful is originality, where you create your own characteristic and make it known wherever you see it. In order for you to be inspired and discover the many possibilities of decoration with cardboard we separated some photographs with objects with this type of decorative element.

Now that you’ve seen some photographs with tips on how to decorate your home using this technique, get your hands dirty and make the rooms cozier and more colorful by using prints to finish off the cardboard.

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