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Decoration with candles for Christmas night

To use candles in decoration for Christmas night it is a very old habit. In fact, the use of these objects is constant, as they give a romantic, sophisticated and delicate look to the environments. On commemorative dates at the end of the year, candles become even more important. One of the places where candles are used the most is the . In the midst of food and other decorative details, candles contribute to establishing the Christmas spirit and warmth of the house, for the reception of family and friends.

Candles cannot be missing from Christmas decorations (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

It is very easy to find ready-made arrangements for sale for the Christmas decoration🇧🇷 Likewise, the colors of the candles are countless, allowing you to have countless ideas to brighten up the environments. It is also possible to use simple materials, associated with small details, to make beautiful Christmas ornaments with candles. The image below is an example of this. For decoration, different types of chestnuts, white candles and transparent containers were used. The result, no doubt, was very elegant. Therefore, we are going to give you some suggestions for decorating with candles, using simple ideas and techniques, so that anyone can do it.

Chestnuts and hazelnuts, with candles, in the decoration (Photo: Disclosure)

For the making of these decoration with candles for christmas night, you only need pieces of fabric, bowls, cardboard and small candles. In the case of the example in the image, the print on the fabric does not have a Christmas style, but it is possible to use the idea and use materials that have to do with Christmas. All you have to do is cut out the cardboard, as shown in the figure, glue the fabric and close the dome, fitting it into the bowl, which will accommodate the candle. It is not necessary to attach the mini-dome to the glass. So, after Christmas, you can use the bowls again.

The small lampshade is made with bowls, fabrics and candles (Photo: Handout)

Very simple these ideas, below. The contrast between the white and red colors gave a special charm to the Christmas candle decoration🇧🇷 They are tones that have everything to do with the date and, to use them as decorations, white candles and red rose petals are enough. The result is delicate and elegant.

The contrast of colors has the face of Christmas (Photo: Disclosure)

These little details Christmas decoration with candles give beautiful results. The objects can be placed in different places in the house, especially on the table for dinner, which will gain enormous charm with them.

Decoration with candles for Christmas Eve (Photo: Disclosure)

Decoration with candles for Christmas Eve (Photo: Disclosure)

1st tip – How to decorate the Christmas table with candles

The Christmas table is where everyone will gather for supper and it needs to be beautiful and perfect. See below how you can use candles to make the table even more beautiful and stylish:

1st step – Place a lace tablecloth that covers the entire length of the table;

2nd step – Use candlesticks as centerpieces for decoration, which can be made from bottles decorated with ribbons in Christmas colors and inside each bottle a decorated red candle;

3rd step – If the table is big you can place up to 5 bottles;

4th step – On the bottom of the bottles, place some green branches or garlands on the table to give the impression of a good finish. You can also put some red balls or fruits;

5th step – Place the plates for supper on the edge of the table, arranging each one in its place, so that the center is left to place the delicacies that supper offers;

6th step – Place bowls and cutlery according to the menu.

To make the environment very cozy and in the Christmas mood, place candles scattered throughout the environment. Do you know the floating candles? Then, buy several cards of them and arrange them in dishes with water in different shapes and colors throughout the room with the lit candles inside. It will give a very special atmosphere to the Christmas Party.

The pine tree is the star of the Christmas party, usually it is decorated with the colors of the house, the environment, but how about decorating your entire pine tree with candles? That’s right, in the old days pine trees were natural and their decoration was made with colored candles in holders that stuck to the branches of the pine tree. Nowadays you can find artificial candles that can be used without fear, in pine trees that are also artificial. The candles are made of led, they do not pose a danger to the environment and make everything very beautiful. You can find them in Christmas decoration supply stores.

Decorate with candles this Christmas

Decorate with candles this Christmas

This is another option for those who want to make a very different Christmas decoration using candles. In stores on Rua 25 de Março in São Paulo, there are thousands of Chinese stores that sell this type of lantern for placing candles. They are suspended and very colorful. You can buy a few and hang them in your house, inside and outside. The amount and size will depend on your mood and size of the environment. You must be careful not to put a candle that is too big, or you could set the Chinese lantern on fire, as they are made of paper.

Delicate decoration with candles

Delicate decoration with candles

It is a fact that the decoration of a house or environment made by candlelight is much more romantic and stylish, however, certain care must be taken when using fire in the decoration, even if it is an innocent candle. If it touches something flammable, such as a curtain, paper, or other products, it could cause a serious accident and ruin your Christmas party. So be very careful when using candles in your home’s Christmas decor.

The most suitable candles for this type of decoration are floating candles, which, in addition to being placed in a container of water, do not pose a risk to the environment, they remain inside the dish until the wick runs out without causing any damage.

If you want a beautiful and perfect Christmas party, use candles in the decoration, but with great caution. Happy Holidays!

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