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Decoration with antique furniture

THE decorating with antique furniture it is a great option to change the environment of your home or office, being able to give a special and very elegant touch to the space, contrary to what many people imagine.

Decoration with antique furniture (Illustrative Photo)

When decorating the property, it is common to opt for new furniture and objects, as many people do. But this is not always possible and, in this case, old and used furniture, which may be forgotten in some corner of the house or even at the house of relatives, appears as a good alternative.

And if the furniture is a little older and worn out, they can be given a new look with small renovations (change of handles and prints, new paint, etc.), to give your home a new look.

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What this article covers:

There is no shortage of retro furniture options to decorate your home, apartment or even office (Illustrative Photo)

To use antique furniture in decoration it’s something that’s in vogue. Sideboards, cupboards, chests of drawers, mirrors, antique chairs and tables, among many other vintage objects, can be very useful to decorate your home environment.

The old wooden table, accompanied by models of chairs from other times, for example, can form a beautiful set for the dining room, and is also an interesting alternative for the kitchen or even for the balcony.

Antique furniture decorating the living room (Illustrative Photo)

In the living room, there is no shortage of vintage armchairs and sofas, which also form beautiful sets decorating this room of the residence, while in the bedrooms, items such as chests of drawers, dressing tables, mirrors and models of antique beds give the environment a very different look.

Even the bathroom can get a retro look, to match the rest of the house, bringing items like an old bathtub and other accessories that were successful in the past.

Even the bathroom can be decorated with old items (Illustrative Photo)

Between the decorating tips using old furniture, it is also worth mentioning that combining the old with the modern is something that has been very successful nowadays. In addition to tables, chairs, cabinets and shelves, items such as retro refrigerators, coffee makers, cushions, pictures and lamps, among others, combine very well with modern accessories.

And for those who don’t have antique furniture and objects at home, but still want to opt for this vintage decor, it’s worth remembering that many stores sell these items from grandma’s times. In that case, here’s the tip to check the conditions of the furniture or object before buying it.

Check out, below, some images of decoration made with furniture and old objects.

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