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Decoration on furniture stickers

Have you heard about furniture sticker decoration🇧🇷 Stickers are a big trend in wall and furniture decoration because they are a practical way and full of advantages to renew the look of your furniture. Stickers can cover scratches, stains, dents, and worn appearance. The adhesive is a product with an affordable price, easy and quick to apply and clean, as it only needs a damp cloth, and the best part is that you can find it in different designs and even have it customized to what you want.

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Decoration on furniture stickers – Vinyl stickers are ideal for decorating furniture and even walls. (Photo: Disclosure)

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Decoration on furniture stickers

O vinyl sticker is the best option for Decoration on furniture stickers🇧🇷 See below the advantages of adhesive vinyl🇧🇷

No damage – Adhesive vinyl does not damage the surface of the wall or object where it is applied. You don’t have to worry about the surface.

Versatility – There are several types of adhesive vinyl such as: adhesive, pvc or liner. And each one is suitable for a type of surface.

Low cost – The adhesive vinyl it has an affordable price and it is easy to find the option of making them custom-made and according to your preferences in graphic shops. The value of a small sticker is around R$20; for the medium ones, the cost is around R$80; and a large one, R$ 150. Prices vary according to the number of colors, sizes and materials.

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There are several ideas that can be used to decorate furniture with stickers (Photo: Disclosure)

Durability – Around 10 years indoors, while outdoors it lasts about four years due to the effects of time, especially the sun.

To put the sticker on the furniture you need to follow some steps see below, how to apply stickers on furniture step by step🇧🇷

  • Uncrumple – Like the rolled-up sticker, open it on a flat surface and run a ruler over the protective paper to remove any wrinkles you may have
  • Clean – Thoroughly clean the surface, removing any residue of dust or grease. Preferably clean with alcohol
  • Position – Set the position by temporarily pasting. Make sure it’s not crooked. Look from different angles and see if it’s the ideal place

There are several ideas on how to decorate with stickers (Photo: Disclosure)

  • Watch out for bubbles – Be careful not to leave any bubbles. Take a spatula (silicone, rubber or plastic, credit card) and always go from the inside to the outside without forcing to avoid damage. An important tip: wrap the spatula in a sock or fabric to make it easier. If there are any bubbles, pierce them with the tip of the needle and press to release the air.
  • Take it easy – In large drawings, remove the protective paper calmly, as you stick, little by little. Take a small part and fold it to avoid bubbles.

Decoration in stickers for furniture Photos

There are several ways of innovate your furniture with stickersso see below the photos of furniture sticker decoration🇧🇷

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