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Decoration of the Pope’s room in Brazil: photos

O pope francis is in Brazil to accompany the events of the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro. He did not plan to come to the country, but kept the commitment made by Benedict XVI before his resignation, which was announced in February 2013.

Papa Francisco’s room is simply and comfortably decorated. (Photo: Disclosure)

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Pope Francis in Brazil

Since the Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio assumed the leadership of the Catholic church, it is possible to notice a constant search for simplicity and transparency. The pope is very close to the faithful, dispenses with the use of pomp and admits his imperfections.

THE visit of Pope Francis to Brazil aims to break down barriers and make direct contact with the faithful. It also conveys a message of renewal to Catholics.

Pope Francis’ schedule in Brazil is quite varied and has added to Benedict XVI’s original schedule. The religious leader hopes to visit the National Sanctuary of Our Lady of Aparecida, the Hospital São Francisco de Assis, Favela Varginha, among other places.

Decoration of the Pope’s room in Brazil

The bedding is lace and took a year to complete. (Photo: Disclosure)

Pope Francis is staying in a church house at the top of Morro do Sumaré, in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro. The mansion preserves the colonial architecture, has an internal garden, seven bedrooms and a private chapel. The same place was responsible for accommodating Pope John Paul II, who visited Brazil in 1980 and 1997.

Francis chose the most modest suite of the mansion for your stay. The room is 45 square meters and is similar to the cardinals’ dormitories.

See below for details about the decoration of the pope’s room in Brazil🇧🇷

– Furniture: the furniture is simple, yet comfortable and cozy. The room has a single bed, an armchair, a desk, a nightstand and a table. The furniture is dark, made of wood and follows the colonial style.

– Style: commitment to simplicity, just like the pope’s speech.

Colors: the decor is made up of neutral and discreet colors, emphasizing mainly white.

Pope Francis bathroom countertop. (Photo: Disclosure)

– Ornaments: the wooden crucifix mounted on the wall is one of the most conspicuous decorations in the pope’s bedroom. On the tea table there is a tray with a cup, a thermos and a “sole flor” vase with azaleas.

– Textiles: the pieces that cover the pope’s bed are signed by stylist Martha Medeiros. They are made of lace and took over a year to complete. The tea table also received a delicate tablecloth, handcrafted by lace makers from communities in the Northeast.

– Bathroom: all white and with restrained decoration🇧🇷 The flowers that decorate the bench are picked from the gardens of the house.

photos of the pope’s room in Brazil

Check it out below pictures of the pope’s room in Brazil🇧🇷

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