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Decoration Of Stores For Mother’s Day

THE shop decorations for mother’s day it needs to be engaging, delicate and capable of representing all the magic that exists in celebrating that date. There are many ways to decorate the commercial establishment, just use good taste and creativity to select the most appropriate elements.

Decoration Of Stores For Mother’s Day. (Photo: Disclosure)

Considered one of the main commemorative dates, Mother’s Day affects people’s habits and also moves the retail market. People go shopping to find the ideal gift and end up surrendering to the constant promotions that are launched during this period. All measures are valid to rip a smile off mom’s face!

The second Sunday in May is a special day, symbolically ideal for pleasing Mom and expressing the love you feel for her in the best possible way. Weeks before that big date, the stores are already starting to prepare to serve the consumer public, innovating offers mainly in relation to women’s favorite products, such as clothes, shoes, jewelry, perfumes and home appliances.

Opt for a simple showcase so you don’t take the focus off your products. (Photo: Disclosure)

All marketing strategies to move the market are valid on Mother’s Day, but retailers need to be aware of consumer expectations in order to meet them. In addition to a variety of special offers and discounts, it is also interesting to pay attention to the decoration, both in the shop window and inside the establishment.

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The look of the store appropriate to the occasion is almost fundamental to arouse the consumer’s interest and desire. Thematic decoration is usually used mainly at Easter and Christmas, but Mother’s Day can also serve as an inspiration for the establishment to innovate its appearance.

THE shop decorations for mother’s day It is mainly present in shop windows. In this way, consumers are faced with discreet ornaments that do not take the focus away from the products being advertised. The showcase for Mother’s Day is not as elaborate as the Christmas one, in fact, the simpler the finish, the better the results.

Decorative letters stand out in the window. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Mother’s Day Display Ideas

date symbols

When decorating the window, the shopkeeper can bet on illustrations that symbolize maternal love or even all the affection that exists in the mother-child relationship. Hearts and flowers are often used in shoe, clothing and accessory displays. Some large chain stores, such as Boticário and Hering, still adopt images of special moments involving the relationship between mother and child.

simple elements

Specialists in shop window decoration recommend adopting simplicity as the main element of elegance. The more minimalist the project, the more pleasing it will be to the eyes of the consumer who will be faced with countless shop windows weeks before Mother’s Day.

Showcase decorated with flowers and hearts. (Photo: Disclosure)

Short message or single words

Creativity can be an important resource when decorating the window, after all, it makes the work different and ends up drawing attention. Some very short and impactful message in honor of mothers can also customize the window decoration.

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Choice of products

Shopkeepers still need to worry about the types of products that will make up the showcase, they need to adapt to the autumn-winter season. Everything indicates that clothing stores will have good sales rates in the coming days and will correspond to 30% of purchases of gifts for mother’s day.

The showcase proposal is simple, but very creative. (Photo: Disclosure)

themed showcase

The mannequins can help compose thematic scenes in the shop window, capturing looks due to their originality. A great idea is to dress the mannequin in clothes from the store and place her next to a baby in arms to emphasize the maternal relationship. Also use hanging ornaments and craft techniques in shop windows for Mother’s Day, without, of course, straying from the prevailing proposal. Do not forget about the advertising phrases, they help to theme the windows.

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When decorating stores for Mother’s Day, avoid excessive embellishments as this can tire the consumer. Be discreet and elegant when choosing elements and always worry about comfort when shopping.

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