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Decoration of Paulinha’s new room in Amor à Vida

Soap operas don’t just launch fashion and beauty trends. The public also seeks to pay attention to the scenarios to incorporate some decorative elements🇧🇷 In this way, furniture, accessories, prints and colors are able to influence changes in House decoration🇧🇷

Paulinha’s room is a real attraction in Palloma’s apartment. (Photo: Disclosure)

In the soap opera “Amor à Vida”, an environment has drawn the attention of viewers and launched decoration trends, it is the bedroom of the character Paulinha (Klara Castanho).

The decoration of the girl’s room was designed by Pilar (Suzana Vieira) and is part of the Paloma’s (Paolla Oliveira) new apartment🇧🇷

Pilar decided decorate a room especially for Paulinha with the intention of getting closer to the youngest daughter. The pediatrician, in turn, was delighted with the environment full of details.

What this article covers:

Paulinha’s room in Amor à Vida: the decor

O Paulina’s new room would definitely make any girl crazy and delighted. The environment recognizes the taste of a sweet and delicate pre-teen. Among the elements that most call attention, it is worth highlighting the shelf full of dolls of cloth and the armchair made entirely with animals plush.

The bedroom is feminine and delicate. (Photo: Disclosure)

The vertical space of Paulinha’s room is decorated with wallpaper, which gently combines pink and white colors. To keep the environment warm and cozy, the decor explored a beige plush rug.

The feminine, delicate and romantic aesthetic is also present in the curtains, bed linen and decorative objects that make up the room.

Check out tips inspired by decoration of Paulinha’s new room🇧🇷

• Add to the environment a rectangular bookcase, with five shelves and modern design. The piece of furniture similar to Paulinha’s costs R$ 267.78 at KD stores;

• The rounded poufs help make the room more comfortable and stylish. The Class model with casters and white costs BRL 281.82 at Lojas KD;

The modern bookcase full of dolls is one of the highlights. (Photo: Disclosure)

• A plush covered armchair can be made at home. Just take a bertoia chair, gather all the little animals and secure them with nylon. The result is creative and delightful accommodation;

• If it is difficult to assemble the plush-covered furniture, there is the possibility of replacing it with a pink nursing chair;

• Include a white desk in the bedroom to set up a study corner;

• One chair identical to Paulinha’s it can be hard to find, so it’s recommended to replace it with a pink executive chair. At KD Stores, the piece can be found for BRL 266.89.

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