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Decoration of children’s rooms suggestions

Read “Decoration of female children’s rooms, suggestions” and find out how to decorate the room according to a girl’s preferences. The colors, furniture and decorative elements need to be thought out carefully and taking into account everything that the little resident really likes.

Decoration of female children’s rooms suggestions. (Photo: Disclosure)

The female children’s room should be cheerful, playful and fun. The girl needs to feel comfortable in the environment to receive visits from her friends, play and do her homework. When decorating, it is possible to follow the characteristics of a typical girl’s room, but it is worth taking care not to forget the resident’s personal style.

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Decoration of children’s rooms suggestions

Practically all girls like the pink color for the decoration of their rooms. (Photo: Disclosure)

In the matter “Decoration of female children’s rooms, suggestions”, we will address the most important factors when setting up a girl’s bedroom. Follow:


The girl’s children’s room combines with colors that indicate femininity, such as pink and lilac. It is also possible to work with the red and white combination, which leaves the environment with a more modern look.


When room space is limited, the ideal is to work with basic furniture, such as the bed and wardrobe. To leave the environment with a thematic aesthetic, it is worth betting on Barbie furniture, Disney Princesses, Hello Kitty or another child character that pleases the little resident.

Pink and lilac girl’s room inspired by the Cupcake theme. (Photo: Disclosure)


If it is not possible to work with thematic furniture in the decor of a children’s room, then do it through bedding. Enhance the girl’s favorite character through the duvet, sheet and pillowcase.


The walls can be decorated with delicate children’s stickers, such as butterflies, ballerinas, hearts and stars. There is also the possibility of covering them with fabric, thus enhancing some type of print, such as floral, stripes or polka dots.

Do you like the idea of ​​covering the walls with fabric? So learn how to do it by watching the video below:

additional items

Some additional items can be used to decorate the girl’s room and make it look like a princess, such as the chandelier, dressing table and doll house. Include Provencal furniture to make the decor more delicate and romantic.

Delicate and romantic ballerina-themed room. (Photo: Disclosure)


The girl’s toys, such as dolls and stuffed animals, can also be part of the decoration. Select the most beautiful pieces and arrange them on a shelf. Worry about harmonizing colors and themes so as not to create visual pollution.

The vintage style is sophisticated and can be a great choice for decorating a girl’s bedroom. (Photo: Disclosure)

Tips for decorating a girl’s room

• Changing the decoration of the room is something cool and fun, so be sure to invite the child to participate.

• Take the little resident’s opinion seriously, after all, the environment is being decorated for her.

• In addition to thinking about aesthetics, always look for practicality and organization.

• If you are going to use prints in the decoration of a girl’s room, prefer to work with smaller and more delicate patterns.

Photos of decorated children’s rooms

For you who still have doubts about how to decorate your daughter’s room, we have selected several photos of decorated children’s rooms. Look:

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Enjoy the ideas of decoration of female children’s rooms, suggestions and photos. Everything will serve as inspiration for you to create a passionate environment.

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