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Decoration for weddings 2016 with flowers

See tips from wedding decor 2016 with flowers and be inspired by trends to make passionate arrangements. Flowers are indispensable when creating wedding decor. They value the atmosphere of romanticism both in the religious ceremony and also in the place of the party. There are many ways to work with arrangements in ornamentation, just use good taste and creativity.

Decoration for weddings 2016 with flowers. (Ilustrative Photo)

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Check out some tips below for wedding decor 2016 with flowers🇧🇷

If you are in doubt about which type of flower to choose to decorate your wedding, then consider the season. By adopting this criterion, it is possible to increase the durability of the arrangements and pay less for them.

In spring, wedding decor can be elaborated with camellias, hydrangeas, orchids and gerberas. In the summer, it is worth betting on species that like heat, such as roses, carnations and lisianthus. Autumn celebration goes well with angelica, snapdragon and pea flower. Finally, a winter wedding calls for a decoration with a glass of milk or a tulip, as these species adapt better to the cold.

The tulip matches the winter wedding.  (Ilustrative Photo)

The tulip matches the winter wedding. (Ilustrative Photo)

flowers at the ceremony

The bride and groom do not need to commit a large part of their budget by buying flowers to decorate the church. They can decorate the environment of the ceremony in a more subtle way, with arrangements in just a few benches/chairs. If the wedding takes place outdoors, it’s worth taking advantage of what nature itself has to offer.

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flowers at the party

An elegant party calls for tall and well-crafted arrangements to decorate the main table and other strategic points in the environment, such as the buffet table and the signature book table. It is also possible to create beautiful and different arrangements with foliage and grains.

Flower arrangements decorate guest tables.  (Ilustrative Photo)

Flower arrangements decorate guest tables. (Ilustrative Photo)

Opt for DIY decor

It is not necessary to hire the best florist in town to decorate the wedding, the bride and groom just need to dive into the DIY wave (Do it Yourself, “do it yourself”). After purchasing the flowers, organize them into small arrangements, using glass jars and even bottles as containers. The wedding decor will definitely look more intimate.

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Now you have good ideas of wedding decor 2016 with flowers🇧🇷 Take advantage of the tips and create amazing arrangements to decorate the ceremony and party.

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