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decoration for the hall

THE decoration for the hallway It is a great alternative for anyone wanting to give a new look and more life to this very important part of the house, which serves to connect the environments, but which often ends up being abandoned.

Decoration for the hallway (Photo: Disclosure)

As the main function of this space is to ensure the movement of people through the different rooms of the house, the hall decoration it must be done in such a way as to avoid any problem with the passage of residents and visitors, that is, it is not good to put anything in the middle of the path.

In this way, making good use of the walls to change the look of the environment is one of the main decorating tips for hallways🇧🇷 This change can be done through stickers, wallpaperspaintings, mirrors, graffiti, photographs, posters, colored paints and even high shelves.

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What this article covers:

decoration for the hall

Colorful frames and photos can give a younger and more modern look to the hallway (Photo: Handout)

betting on these hallway decorating ideas mentioned above, you create a new look for the hallway, giving people who circulate through it something to appreciate as they walk, giving much more life to this space.

for those who want to know how to decorate the hallway using these tips, an interesting alternative is to bet on photographs, ornaments and colored frames to give a younger and more modern look to the environment.

Easy to apply, cheaper and full of possibilities of styles, sizes and shapes, the wallpaper and the decorative stickers are other commonly used options. But if you want something more radical, it’s worth betting on graffiti, which can bring drawings and phrases painted on the wall.

Investing in hallway lighting is also important, as it will allow you to better visualize the new decoration you have made, in addition to making it easier to walk around the room. Differentiated light fixtures and targeted lighting points, equipped with hot lamps, are good options.

More ideas

The use of cabinets and shelves is another great idea (Photo: Disclosure)

In addition, there are several other suggestions for decoration for the hallwayas:

– Add shelves at the top, which can serve as a support for ornaments, photos and paintings, without having to drill the wall.

– Bet on cabinets, creating a new space to store objects.

– Depending on the size of the hallway, you can create a reading corner, including an armchair and a shelf with books, newspapers and magazines.

– Use the final part (depending on the width) as home officeplacing computer table and chair.

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