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Decoration for small rooms

Every year thousands of people look for tips on how to decorate some parts of their homes, often even hiring experts to complete the home decor. We selected some tips from decoration for small roomsfor you who are setting up your living room, be it in an apartment or in a conventional house.

Decoration for small rooms – Decoration for small rooms (Photo: Disclosure)

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What this article covers:

Decoration for small rooms

The first step towards a decoration for small rooms, is choosing a style for your living room. After choosing the decoration style you want your room to have, choose the furniture, but always remembering that the furniture should be chosen so that your room looks bigger and not furniture that makes it smaller or with the appearance that everything is bigger. tight.

Decorate your living room yourself

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The rustically decorated rooms try to keep things simple, portraying the country atmosphere, with a handcrafted look and old furniture worn by time, usually made of wood. Natural colors like brown and green are the most common. Raw and dark wood, grooves, knots and cracks are apparent.

The vintage decor emerged in the 40s and is very marked by strong and bold colors, such as red, orange, yellow, blue, lilac, with the almost mandatory use of wallpaper. Retro objects such as bicycles, cages stand out. , cups, clocks and paintings with characters that have marked history. Over time, the vintage has been renewed and gained new elements such as cupcakes, blackboard walls and references to London or NY.

Do not place too much furniture in the room so that the environment is not too crowded (Photo: Disclosure)

Many rooms with classic decor can be made with furniture inherited from the family. This decoration stands out in bulky pieces and loaded environments. Its most striking feature is the richness of detail. The color palette is essentially composed of black, navy blue, burgundy, brown and cream, often combined with gold, silver or rust elements.

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If in doubt, consult an expert on the subject.

Furniture for small rooms

See some furniture tips from decoration for small rooms🇧🇷


  • Lighting is a very important factor in small rooms, the brighter the place, the bigger it will look, so the ideal is to invest in light fixtures to make the environment look more spacious.


  • Mirrors give the impression that the place has more space, so it is worth placing a large mirror somewhere in the room, especially in a corner of the room.


  • Try to buy sofas or armchairs with an exclusive design for small rooms. This type of furniture is perfect because it does not take up unnecessary space, normally adapting to any environment, no matter how small.

Bright colors

  • Finally, when painting your living room, the ideal is to choose light colors to paint the small room, light colors make the room look bigger.

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