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Decoration for October month of fighting cancer

In October, the world campaign against breast cancer takes place. The campaign is mainly aimed at raising public awareness of preventive exams and also fights for better care and emotional support so that women who may have this problem receive qualified and effective care.

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About breast cancer

It is a malignant tumor that affects the breast tissue and is one of the most common cancer problems according to the National Cancer Institute – INCA🇧🇷 Development happens when there are changes in the path of DNA molecules, which causes the proliferation of cells causing the cyst.

The importance of mammography

Early diagnosis increases the chances of cure by 95%, which is a very significant value for something so simple. This is the main method of discovering the disease in women.

It was found that only 2.7 million mammograms were performed last year, the expected value was 11.5 million according to the Brazilian Society of Mastology (SBM), the value was much lower, less than 1/3 of the population failed to take the preventive exam.

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Pink October and tips to decorate in the month of combating cancer! See how to show support for this important cause by decorating different types of environments. There are many ideas that can be put into practice to enhance the importance of the campaign.

Pink October and tips to decorate in the month of combating cancer. (Ilustrative Photo)

October is the month dedicated to combating the types of cancer that most affect women in the world, such as cervical and breast cancer. The campaign is international and represented by the color pink, facades of buildings, cultural spaces, hospitals, accessories and women’s and men’s clothing gain color and contribute to everyone’s awareness of the importance of preventive exams in the fight against cancer.

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Decoration in the fight against cancer month

know more about Pink October and tips to decorate in the month of combating cancer:

pink bows

The pink bow is the most traditional symbol of the Pink October campaign, they are found in different sizes and can be used as a brooch on clothes and purses, or to decorate environments that receive large numbers of women on a daily basis.

Decoration with fabrics is also possible. (Ilustrative Photo)

wall sticker

Wall stickers are a great option for those who want to change the decor of any room in the house, workroom or stores. They are simple to place, you can apply just a few designs or decorate the entire wall with the shade of pink and print of your choice.

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The decoration of the work table in pink October can be done by exchanging small objects such as pen holders, mouse and picture frames for objects in shades of pink. The notebook can also be personalized with the campaign symbol sticker.

Living room

Cushions can be adapted according to each season, festival or campaign. To modify the decoration of the living room during pink October, invest in pink pillow covers, but remember that for there to be color harmony in the environment, the curtain and the rug must be in neutral colors.

Pink lighting. (Ilustrative Photo)

pink lighting

Pink lighting is very common in parks in large cities during the month of fighting cancer and can also be done in residential gardens. To do this, install pink LED spotlights on the outside of the house, or surround bushes and tree trunks with pink light points.


The decoration of events held at companies or schools in support of Pink October must be completely focused on the campaign. In addition to the distribution of bows, bet on pink light, panels with support phrases, bows with pink balloons and flowers in pink.

Decoration with pink balloons. (Ilustrative Photo)

Enjoy pink october and tips to decorate in the month of combating cancer and help publicize the campaign, the treatment of the disease is effective if it is discovered early on. Take preventive exams annually! Continue to the World of Tribes and see many other articles.

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