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Decoration for narrow rooms

Know how to do decoration for narrow rooms🇧🇷 There are several decorating tips that can majestically enlarge and decorate a small room. It is common to have a narrow room, especially in apartments, many of them are long and narrow, making it a challenge to decorate this area in the right way, that is, without crowding the environment and making it as comfortable as possible. It is important to think carefully about the placement of furniture to leave free space for circulation.

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Decoration for narrow rooms – The TV mounted on the wall and the narrow furniture enlarge the room (Photo: Disclosure)

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Decoration for narrow rooms

There are several tips for decoration for narrow roomsfind out how to do it:

  • Start by dividing the spaces

If your living room is long and narrow, divide the rooms and treat them as two rooms. Ideally, the dining area should be closer to the kitchen, to make life easier. You can make one part for watching TV and another for reading with shelves and books, or the other part for eating by placing a table and chairs.

Light colors on furniture and walls expand the environment, so they are super indicated in these cases. Of course, without exaggeration, too much white in the environment can make it monotonous.

Mirrors can also enlarge the environment, in addition to giving a sophisticated look.

  • Mark the division of the environment with rugs and colors

Carpets clearly delimit where one space begins and another ends. A tip is striped rugs in the narrowest sense and rugs with designs that show curves.

Invest in light colors in decoration (Photo: Disclosure)

  • Different color on one of the walls

In addition to giving the room a very elegant look, it can make the environment more comfortable.

The coffee table can be cumbersome in a narrow room, so opt for the side table that sits next to the sofa.

Low furniture leaning against the walls makes the room seem longer.

Puffs can come in handy because they can be placed anywhere. Whether in front of the sofa to support the feet, or even for visits. When not in use, it can be taken down to increase the free area.

It is possible to make the room wider using several of these tips (Photo: Disclosure)

Using a shelf in front of the sofa to embed the TV is also great for narrower rooms.

Placing furniture on the right or left side of the room allows for more accessible traffic.

Arrange one or more pieces of furniture in a angle different is also a way to break up the environment and make it less elongated.

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Mirrors can enlarge the environment, but be careful, if they are placed the wrong way they can make the room even narrower (Photo: Disclosure)

They break the depth of the environment and create the feeling that the space is wider than it actually is.

Decoration for narrow rooms photos

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