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Decoration for gardens 2015 new trends

check out Decoration for gardens 2015 new trends🇧🇷 Many people don’t know but fashion encompasses several segments, decoration has its trends that are launched or relaunched every year. Whether interior decoration, home, office, bathroom, bedroom or outdoors such as the garden, they always tend to follow the news that comes out annually. The four colors of 2015 that are on the rise for decoration and can be invested in different ways in the garden are the coppery orange tone for 2015 nicknamed Sombra de Cedro, fuchsia, indigo blue and the lighter blue called Vesper blue. These colors are chosen by paint companies that carry out trends studies to choose the color of the following year and the tones that will be most used in decoration.

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Decoration for gardens 2015 new trends – Color trends for decoration 2015 (Photo: Disclosure)

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Decoration for gardens 2015 new trends

Brazil is in fashion in garden decoration. Manual arts, national materials and techniques such as sisal, calico, knitting and lace, natural and synthetic textures are some of the bets for the decoration of gardens 2015. To balance all these colors, the ideal is to opt for a neutral base such as wood, cement, fiber it’s white.

Another big bet is the safari style, an African trend that has been reinvented in different fashion segments every year. With ethnic prints, animal print, sculptures and a great presence of nature, decoration inspired by Africa is also one of the options for your garden decoration 2015 new trends🇧🇷

The straw armchairs provide a cozy outdoor environment (Photo: Disclosure)

The safari style decoration is great for outdoors because it is quite rustic and has everything to do with the nature that is found in the garden. Invest in natural or natural looking wood materials. Vases with an ethnic print are also a great bet, as well as adding more life to the garden. The flowers around the safari decoration can be quite colorful, yellow and orange is one of the colors that most ornate with this design. In addition to the vivid colors being the face of the season, they also enhance the green environment of gardens, balconies and decks.

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Colorful pillows, with ethnic prints or animal print are a great way to make the garden more cheerful (Photo: Disclosure)

The wooden deck is one of the favorite decorations to make the garden more intimate, with cushions on the floor or Provencal armchairs and glass or straw tables, comfort is guaranteed. To complete the scenario, bet on candle lights that can have citrus scents and colors.

decoration for gardens 2015

For the balconies on garden decoration 2015 new trends we recommend vases with clusias, jasmine mango, agapanthus that give blue flowers and color the environment and nandinas. The pleomele Chamaedorea also gives it a special charm, as it is a very delicate palm tree and the tree aloe vera is considered chic and resistant. For the grass the tips are peanut, emerald and São Carlos grass.

For those who want to bet on aquatic plants, hyacinths, water hyacinths, water lilies, bridges, cattails are on the rise. They help to clean the water and sustainability is the concept of the moment. We also have the classic plants that never go out of style like:

Placing flowers in unusual places is also a trend that has not left the scene (Photo: Disclosure)

Bamboo: crooked mossô is a novelty for those who want to escape the traditional. Its functions go beyond decoration, as these bamboos serve as wooden spoon holders. The ones without leaves, with the trunks already dry, can be used as decorative elements inside vases or cachepots. Oncidium or dendrobium orchids are a great investment to make your garden beautiful. Just get a little sun and little wind for them to last for several seasons. To perfume the option are vines like jasmine of the poets in vase.

Fruit trees are also a big trend, which gives you the opportunity to eat fresh fruit from your own garden. For those who prefer smaller fruit trees that are less work, we recommend pomegranate, jabuticabas, pitangas or kinkans. Today on the market, they are hybrid or grafted, bearing fruit from a very young age.

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