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Decoration for Easter: Tips and Suggestions

Easter is coming and it is necessary decorate the house to welcome friends and family and also to cheer up the kids. The date is cheerful, colorful and brings feelings of renewal and fraternization. Therefore, the decoration must bring a balance between these characteristics.

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Decoration for Easter: Tips and Suggestions

It’s a time to gather loved ones for a big fun and tasty lunch. Lots of chocolate, rabbits and eggs must be part of this decoration. We have some suggestions so that every room in your home is contaminated by the joy of Easter:

Dinner room

You’re having friends and family over for lunch and she still doesn’t have any special decoration for easter🇧🇷 Do not freak out. There are simple and inexpensive decorations to make your home more beautiful on that date. And since the most important meeting of that date will be held in the dining room, it must be impeccable.

Take large glass bowls and fill them with colorful confetti, placing them on the dining room furniture. On the table, place small plates with a white tea cup on top. Inside the cups, place an egg filled with chocolate with positive messages written with markers, a white napkin folded in a triangle shape and a daisy.

In the center of the table, use a clear glass container and fill it with moss and sand. On it, place a compote with very colorful flowers, which can be artificial or natural. In the container, place several chocolate-filled eggs, which can be white or colored to brighten the environment.

On the meal plate, place a rabbit fold made with a cloth napkin. Children will love this game!

Decoration for Easter Tips and Suggestions ROOM

The kitchen

It is in the kitchen that food will be prepared. Therefore, she must create an environment conducive to the party. Dishcloths should have Easter motifs and there should be dish rabbits scattered around the kitchen. Thus, people will cook with more joy and the fraternization will be complete.

Decoration for Easter Tips and Suggestions KITCHEN

The room

In the living room guests will gather to talk after lunch. To keep the atmosphere relaxed, scatter stuffed rabbits and eggs around the room. Take a candlestick for several candles and replace them with colored eggs filled with chocolate and place it on the side table.

On the central table, use a transparent glass pot and fill it with stuffed eggs to sweeten the lives of your friends and relatives. Place very cheerful flowers inside to give the air of delicacy.

Decoration for Easter Tips and Suggestions ROOM 1

The bathroom

In the bathroom, place colorful towels with drawn rabbits. Dish rabbits can stand in the sink to welcome guests.

Decoration for Easter Tips and Suggestions BATHROOM

The rooms

On the doors, hang wreaths made with chocolate eggs. The quilts or pillowcases can have Easter-related details like religious designs, rabbits or chocolate eggs. Stuffed bunnies and colorful Easter eggs can be left on the beds and in the bedroom closets.

Decoration for Easter Tips and Suggestions ROOM

To decorate the whole house, make paper bags with ears and draw the faces of the rabbits to place them in the rooms.

Visitors will certainly be surprised by their creativity and whimsy and will want to come back more often for Easter, especially the children.

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