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Decoration for apartments with little space

Pay attention to tips decoration for apartments with little space is something fundamental for anyone thinking of buying a new property, since nowadays, construction companies have been investing more and more in small apartmentswith an area ranging from 30 to 60 square meters.

In small apartments, it is necessary to know how to use well the little space available to decorate (Photo: Disclosure)

In homes of this size, which are already quite common in large cities, the same room often ends up adding two or more different spaces, such as the TV room and living room, bedroom and office, kitchen and laundry room, for example.

Therefore, the difficulties in making the decoration end up being larger, mainly due to the lack of space, which reduces the possibilities. But with some tips for decorate small spacesthis task can be made easier.

Tips to renew the look of the room without spending too much

Tips for setting up a bedroom

What this article covers:

In the bedroom, a special bunk bed, with multiple functions, saves a lot of space.

THE decorating apartments with little space You can start with choosing smaller furniture, such as small and low shelves, and avoiding the use of many ornaments on the walls, scattered throughout the house, which will give the feeling of a mess.

invest in multifunctional furniturelike the bunk beds specials, which have a bed on top, a desk and cupboards below, making it easier to optimize the space in the room, and sofas that have secret compartments to store objects.

Take advantage of the corners to install shelves and cabinets (Photo: Handout)

In the kitchen, give preference to more compact items, such as the cooktop stove and open/close tables, which save a lot of space. Already used pots and pans, can be hung on the wall, instead of stored in cabinets. assemble a American kitchen is another great idea.

If you have money to invest, it might be interesting to have custom-made furniture made for the entire apartment, so that you can take advantage of every corner of the house, while still maintaining a good space for circulation.

other tips

Custom-made furniture can be an interesting alternative.

Others tips for decorating small apartments are:

– Use shelves high on the wall to store books, magazines and other items.

– Opt for notebooks and tablets instead of a desktop, which will take up more space. And in the case of TV, prefer the thin screen models, which can be installed on the wall.

– To give more life to the apartment, decorate it with plants hanging from the wall or ceiling, remembering to place them in a place where the sun hits.

– Avoid using rugs that are too large, as they take up space and make maintenance difficult.

– Repurpose things you don’t use by donating or putting them up for sale.

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