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Decoration for apartments trends 2016

Check out the main trends of apartment decor 2016🇧🇷 When decorating the apartment, residents need to take into account different factors, including style, space limitations, budget and also the main news on the market.

Leaked bookcase in apartment decor. (Photo: Reproduction/Casa Abril)

Every corner of the apartment deserves special attention. The decoration of spaces should be designed with the aim of making everything beautiful, comfortable and consistent with the personality of those who live in the place.

What this article covers:

Decoration trends for apartments 2016

Have you just bought your first apartment and don’t know how to decorate it? Then get inspired by the 2016 decoration trends. There are many ideas that can be put into practice to make the apartment beautiful, modern and charming.

Check below the decorating trends for apartments 2016🇧🇷

hollow shelf

THE shelf with hollow niches is a great option for decorate apartments🇧🇷 It not only works as a piece of furniture in the living room, but also takes on the role of an integrated room divider. Such a bookcase can be placed, for example, between the living room and the dining room.

scandinavian style

Scandinavian style.  (Photo: Reproduction/damselindior)

Scandinavian style. (Photo: Reproduction/damselindior)

O scandinavian style is very successful in apartment decoration🇧🇷 Inspired by Scandinavian landscapes, it has some very interesting features, such as the use of light colors, natural fabric upholstery, few adornments, minimalist lighting, light curtains and colorful accessories at strategic points. The style combines a rustic touch with an industrial touch.

Scandinavian decor is a great alternative for small apartments. It contributes to the feeling of spaciousness, after all, it values ​​light colors and optimizes the entry of natural light into environments.

Multifunctional and compact furniture

Apartments are becoming smaller and smaller, so the search for multifunctional furniture and compacts has increased. The dining area, for example, can have furniture that works as a bookcase and a retractable table at the same time.

Retractable table.  (Photo: Reproduction/Casa Vogue)

Retractable table. (Photo: Reproduction/Casa Vogue)

Spot lighting

At the time to decorate the apartment, it is very important to work with spot lighting. Instead of using an intimate lamp, bet on models built into the lining. This ensures a modern and stylish feel to the layout.

craft products

Handmade items make the decoration more cozy and personalized. To enhance this trend, you can decorate the rooms with paintings, ceramics and even handcrafted furniture.

patterned pillows

Printed pillows.  (Photo: Reproduction/blossompillowco)

Printed pillows. (Photo: Reproduction/blossompillowco)

Do you want innovate apartment decor, but without making big changes? Then bet on the printed pillows. Choose models with fun or geometric prints to decorate sofas and armchairs.

What’s up? What do you think of the news regarding apartment decoration🇧🇷 Leave a comment.

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