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Decoration for a small apartment: tips

Those who live in an apartment live with the constant challenge of dealing with the lack of space🇧🇷 The kitchen, bedrooms, living room, bathroom and even the balcony do not always offer the necessary dimensions for the number of residents.

Simple measures can make the apartment wider. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Solutions for lack of space in the apartment

Small apartment decor recognizes the fact that every inch is precious. For take advantage of available dimensionsresidents put into practice the tricks that involve the choice of colors, objects and arrangement of decorative items.

The projects created for decorate small apartments not only aim to provide sense of amplitudebut also hope to favor comfort, practicality and beauty.

Tips for decorating a small apartment

learn how decorate small apartment through the following tips:

• Make the most of environment integration it is the first step to decorate a small apartment;

• Colors change the way we perceive a place. Thus, it is worth betting on white and light tones to paint the walls and ceiling;

• Vibrant colors can be valued within the small apartment, but only through decorative objects;

The organization leaves the rooms wider. (Photo: Disclosure)

• You Planned Furniture they are able to make the best use of the available space;

• O ideal flooring for small apartment it is the one that provokes the sensation of continuity;

• The mirror is one of the objects that contribute to the feeling of spaciousness;

• Both in the bedroom and in the living room, it is worth dressing the windows with light, clear and flowing curtains. This trick favors the entry of natural light into small spaces;

• It is important not to exaggerate the number of decorative objects and rugs;

• The placement of furniture in the space cannot interfere with the movement of residents. Large, tall furniture should be avoided;

Furniture should not interfere with the movement of residents. (Photo: Disclosure)

• The walls of small places must be well used, through the installation of shelves and niches;

• You multifunctional furniture they help to make the most of the space in a small apartment, such as the sofa bed or the bean bag that also serves as a trunk;

• Large furniture is not recommended for rooms with limited space, but it is also not recommended to overdo the amount of small items to decorate. Residents should always seek harmony in proportions;

• The use of transparent furniture and objects is one of the decorating tricks to enlarge environments;

• Messy rooms visually look smaller, so it’s always important to keep the organization🇧🇷

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