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Decoration Cars Children’s Party

Cars is a Disney animation that was very successful in cinema and definitely conquered its space in the children’s universe. Produced by Pixar, it hit the big screen in 2006 and already has a sequel. The prestige of the cartoon is so great among children that it already serves as a theme for birthday parties. know how to decorate children’s party cars.

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Decoration Cars Children’s Party

The story of Cars animation is very relaxed and full of adrenaline, with the participation of cars that talk and participate in racing championships. The main character is Lightning McQueen, who participates in championships and demonstrates high performance on the tracks. Other cars also stand out in the story and make the animation extremely fun.

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THE car themed kids party it has everything to be fun and value the main characters of the film in the decoration. The theme is usually adopted by boys, who already show an interest in the automotive world, including the authenticity of the movie Cars. Companies specializing in children’s parties sell kits with themed decorations and even take care of other preparations for the event to cover the movie Cars in every detail of the look.

Mate, Doc Hudson, Sally, Sargento, Flô and Luigi are some of the car characters that gain space in the decoration of children’s parties, along with the protagonist McQueen of course. Children from 4 to 10 years old will definitely fall in love with the theme, especially if the party settings are well set up.

To assemble the decoration of the Disney Cars kids party, first choose the ornaments that will decorate the wall behind the main table. It can be a canvas painted with a scene from the movie or even Styrofoam pieces decorated with drawings from the animation. Those who like to innovate in decoration can work with molds and make the characters with EVA plates.

When decorating a birthday party, it’s also important to be concerned about colors. When assembling the balloon arch that will be the finishing touch, choose black, white and red balloons. If in the wall-mounted backdrop there is a character of another color, feel free to adopt it in the structure of the arch.

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On the party’s main table, a red tablecloth goes very well and matches the look of the film’s protagonist, McQueen. To give an authentic finish, incorporate a stamped band like a Formula 1 flag. The birthday cake can have a decoration inspired by the theme and contribute to the look of the table together with the Styrofoam sculptures of the characters from the film. It is interesting to set up a scene in this space at the party, mainly because there will be the background of many photos.

In the party room or in the space where the children’s birthday is taking place, it is worth betting on thematic objects, such as traffic cones, signs, automotive tracks, traffic lights, tires, among other elements that reinforce the theme. In addition to decorating Cars for a children’s party, also try to put together a surprise bag with various items related to the story of the film or its characters.

All resources are valid to strengthen the theme of the party, even the technology. So use a big screen to show the movie Cars and Cars 2, so that the little guests feel more welcomed with the birthday proposal. Distribute black, red and white balloons throughout the space and create good entertainment options for the children.

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With good taste and creativity it is possible to create a wonderful children’s party inspired by Cars. Check out the photo gallery below for some good ideas on how to work with the characters from that movie to build the birthday sets.

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