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Decoration 2016 and ideas for double rooms

Check out tips from 2016 decor and ideas for double rooms🇧🇷 In this article, you will discover how to decorate the bedroom according to the main trends of the moment. See how to choose furniture, colors, decorative objects and much more.

Decoration 2016 and ideas for double bedrooms. (Ilustrative Photo)

The double bedroom is a space for rest and intimacy within the house. It serves as a setting for a good night’s sleep and for many other intimate moments. This division should be decorated with the privacy, comfort and well-being of the residents in mind.

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What this article covers:

Decoration 2016 and ideas for double rooms

We selected some tips from 2016 decor and ideas for double rooms🇧🇷 Look:

Planned Furniture

Houses and apartments are becoming smaller and smaller, which ends up forcing residents to adapt to this new reality. A good tip to make the best use of the space possible is to bet on the planned furniture. When decorating the double bedroom, bet on a bespoke wardrobe, with a large mirror on the door and several partitions.

cozy lighting

Double bedroom with warm lighting.  (Ilustrative Photo)

Double bedroom with warm lighting. (Ilustrative Photo)

The double bedroom should have a pleasant and cozy atmosphere, so it is worth working with points of indirect light in the space. It is possible to place a lamp on each nightstand or bet on sconces, in order to create a more dramatic and romantic decoration. Suspended lighting, in turn, leaves the room with a more modern look.

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use trunk bed

If your challenge is to optimize the space in the double bedroom, then bet on the trunk bed. This model looks like a simple box spring bed, only it actually has a compartment under the mattress. This niche is very nice to store bed linen, bath towels, among other items.

Modern bedroom decor.  (Ilustrative Photo)

Modern bedroom decor. (Ilustrative Photo)


In general, couples don’t risk much when decorating their bedroom. They opt for neutrality, using sober and clear tones. This choice has the advantage of being timeless and prevents the environment from becoming too feminine or masculine.

The double bedroom calls for a romantic wallpaper capable of expanding the cozy atmosphere. Floral and arabesque prints are the most recommended, after all, they contribute to an elegant, intimate vintage composition.

Exposed bricks or dark walls

The romantic and classic style is not always the choice of couples when it comes to decorating the bedroom. Younger people seek to imprint a little of their own personality on the environment, which is why they resort to a modern and urban style. It is possible, for example, to leave a wall with apparent bricks or even paint it with a dark color, such as black or graphite.

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Now you know good suggestions for 2016 decor and ideas for double rooms🇧🇷 Put the tips into practice and create a super cozy corner to rest in your home.

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