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Decorating With Wooden Floors Pictures

The wooden floor is an indicator of elegance, beauty and functionality within the residence. The pieces that follow this profile already appear among the new interior design trends for homes. Wood cladding has the advantage of being timeless and contributes to the feeling of warmth inside the house. If you also like this style for your home, get to know Decorating With Wooden Floors Photos that will inspire you to do in your home too.

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Several construction material stores already resell wooden floors, offering the best prices and payment conditions for consumers. The pieces are modern, provide perfect coverage of surfaces and demonstrate how inviting the wooden structure is to the residential environment.

Before planning the decorating with wooden floors, it is necessary to know the types of parts that fall into this product category. As with parquet floors and cladding, solid wood is a cladding alternative that is still used in houses with a more classic and traditional structure. The natural shape of the wood adds robust features within each and blends perfectly with a rustic aesthetic pattern.

On the other hand, solid wood floors or natural wood carpets are gradually being replaced by another type of coating. The parts known as laminated are manufactured in a special way, undergoing a treatment that increases the resistance and innovates the brightness of the wood🇧🇷

You laminate floors cover the ground in a sophisticated and authentic way, combining mainly with the bedrooms and living rooms. The parts are manufactured with high pressure and make a perfect fit when installing. Unlike the solid structure, laminate does not retain dust, is easy to clean and protects rooms from allergic agents.

Laminate and Wood Flooring Model

O cladding with wooden floors it is ecologically correct and contributes to the aesthetics of the residences. The laminated structure matches modern furniture and makes the rooms look nice. Despite being more expensive than natural wood, laminate flooring has benefits and represents the key trend for coatings. Another exclusive advantage of laminate floors is the easy installation, glued as if it were a carpet.

check out photos of houses decorated with wooden floors and have some decorating ideas:

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