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Decorating with textures for apartments

THE decorating with textures for apartments has been increasingly used when changing the look of homes, due to the practicality, durability, economy and beauty that this style of decoration offers.

Decorating with textures for apartments (Photo: Disclosure)

With options for all tastes and budgets, decoration with textures it can be a good alternative for those who want to give new air to the apartment, instead of changing the painting of the walls or investing in pictures and other decorative objects.

Quite durable, it gives charm and makes a difference to the environments in which it is used, especially when combined with furniture and other items present in the space to be modified. Speaking of which, the texture it can be applied not only to walls, but also to furniture.

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Decorating with textures for apartments

The texture on the wall can give a new charm to your apartment (Photo: Disclosure)

There are several types of textures that can be used in the decoration of the apartment, such as texture with graffiti effectone of the most requested products, which has a differentiated finish and high durability.

Another very common option is the texture with spatulate effects, easy to apply and suitable for smooth or grained walls, offering a lot of resistance. Using putty suitable for texture and a steel trowel with tabs, it is already possible to apply the effect.

There is still the texture with chapped effectsfor smooth or fine grained walls, made using textured rollers (of different models), and the texture with grooved effectscompatible with various types of walls, which is made using smooth or grooved plastic trowel.

where to use

There are several types of textures (Photo: Disclosure)

There are textures for all types of environments and, to get the best results, it’s important to know where to use the texture. texture in decorationtaking into account, mainly, the style you want to give the apartment.

They can be used in living and dining rooms, bedrooms, balconies, outdoor areas and even in the kitchen and bathroom (with some care). To choose the best option (smooth or rough, for example), you can count on the help of a decoration professional or look for specialized stores.

See other tips how to use texture in decoration in the video below.


Check out some of the images in the gallery below. pictures of decorating with textures for apartmentsin which it is possible to better understand how this style of decoration greatly changes the look of a home.

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