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Decorating with tacos: tips, care

Everyone has had the opportunity to be in a house, made with hardwood floors. In general, such houses are older, as this type of wood flooring was widely used in past decades. However, the decoration with clubs is back and now it helps to beautify the environments, giving them a somewhat retro air. The options today are more numerous. Several techniques can be used, during the installation of the batons, in order to create mosaics and other figures on the floor. However, this material requires attention, since it is a type of wood. check out tips and care for tacos in decoration🇧🇷

Tacos help decorate environments, but require care (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Tips to use tacos in decoration

Even though residents choose to putter installation, in its old form, the work should always be performed by professionals. You need to research and hire companies that are really reliable for this. Tacos, when not properly installed, can cause future problems. The errors may even be linked to the maturation of the soil cement itself.

Over time, the clubs can come loose, causing a lot of inconvenience. Likewise, they may deform due to the lack of adequate waterproofing.

Decoration with tacos has a retro feel (Photo: Disclosure)

The leveling, scraping and protection process with suitable products is extremely important. In this sense, caulking is also important. The clubs should have a little space between them to prevent natural expansion and contraction causing them to come loose. However, the gaps cannot do without special grouts and, over them and the bat itself, the application of a kind of protective varnish. This will avoid the moisture damage to golf clubs🇧🇷

Care such as cleaning and maintenance of the clubs are essential (Photo: Disclosure)

wet the clubs it is a tremendous mistake. If this happens, you need to wipe it off immediately. Despite the protective layer applied, you can never clean the wooden floor with very wet cloths, much less wash the hardwood floor🇧🇷 The ideal is to sweep it, using a broom with soft bristles and then use a damp cloth, removing the dust. In case it gets too wet, you need to pass another dry cloth, right after.

Cleaning products should also not be used, hardwood floor🇧🇷 Many of them are corrosive and will damage or stain the wood.

Use protection, in all the feet of the chairs and tables, in order to avoid scratches on clubs🇧🇷 Likewise, do not circulate too much in the place, wearing heels. Also avoid chairs with wheels.

Finally, hire a specialist club maintenance company. Do not leave parts that are loose or too scratched, without repair, as this can compromise the beauty of the environments, as well as lead to other problems on the floor.

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