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Decorating with demolition wood: How to do it

Use demolition wood to decorate your home it is an alternative for those who care about the environment and want to maintain an ecological responsibility. In addition, it is possible to have a different look for the environments. Check out ten ways to apply this raw material below, which continues to be a strong trend in architecture and decoration, leaving everything in your home with impeccable features.

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Television panel with demolition wood (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Demolition wood turns television panel

Make use of a demolition wood panel to support your television can make the environment look rustic and sophisticated. A good alternative to keep the room beautiful is to make use of the pink peroba panel. Always match wood to interior tones.

Table with demolition wood (Photo: Disclosure)

One table made with reclaimed wood ends up having style and tradition in a single piece. In addition, the furniture can be part of several projects and is highly durable. Look for a custom furniture company to gain space by having this type of piece at home.

The vertical garden with demolition wood looks beautiful (Photo: Disclosure)

The versatility of a demolition wood it’s so tall that it can turn into a beautiful vertical garden. Forming supports, you can save space at home and even on your apartment balcony by cultivating a vertical garden.

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Slotted doors are characteristic of demolition wood (Photo: Disclosure)

Wooden doors help isolate the sound from noisy places, in addition to being beautiful and composing a rustic decoration. THE demolition wood it has unique grooves, which makes your door very unique. The look is charming and the surprise of this piece makes your home look very sophisticated. Anyone who lives in the mountains or on a farm can count on this.

Stairs made with demolition wood (Photo: Disclosure)

At stairs made with demolition wood it also has a very special charm. For this item, bet on pink peroba or crosspieces. In the case of wooden stairs, be careful with cleaning. When applying waxes, some leave the floor smoother than normal, and as it is a staircase, there is little care. Apply smaller doses of cleaning products with these characteristics and opt for a handrail.

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