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Decorating with curtains: trends and models 2016

know more about decoration with curtains: trends and models 2016🇧🇷 In this article, you will find out about the main innovations in the sector and also the pieces that are on the rise this year. See how to choose the best curtain for each environment and make the house much more cozy.

Decoration with trend curtains and 2016 models. (Ilustrative Photo)

The curtain cannot be left out of the residential decoration. She has guaranteed space in practically every room, especially in the living room and bedroom. This textile piece, responsible for dressing the windows, is much more than a simple decorative element. It also controls the entrance of natural light and guarantees the privacy of the residents.

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What this article covers:

Check out the tips below decoration with curtains: trends and models 2016🇧🇷

long curtains

If you want to leave an elegant and at the same time cozy environment, then bet on the long curtains. This model has a very beautiful and pompous trim, so it serves to frame the windows in a refined way.

Bet on long and light curtains.  (Ilustrative Photo)

Bet on long and light curtains. (Ilustrative Photo)

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light fabrics

This history of using heavy and bulky curtains is in the past. The trend now is to dress the window in light and bright fabrics, such as linen and voile. The result is a much cleaner and smoother decoration.

Curtains with strong colors and loaded with prints are not used in contemporary decor. If you are going to dress the window with a printed piece, then value the color palette of the environment, that is, the details that appear on the pillows, rugs or bedding. A balanced composition prevents the environment from becoming tiring.

In contemporary decor, it is worth betting on curtains with geometric prints. On the other hand, if the style is classic and romantic, delicate patterns are most appropriate.

When in doubt, choose white curtain

If in doubt about the color, choose white.  (Ilustrative Photo)

If in doubt about the color, choose white. (Ilustrative Photo)

To create a modern and up-to-date decor, you can’t bet on a curtain made with bright or patterned fabrics. The ideal is to give preference to smooth models, which explore light and neutral colors, as is the case with white.

The white curtain is the best option for those who have doubts about how to dress the windows. The piece matches any wall color and any furniture style. It can be made with linen, cotton or some good quality synthetic fabric.

Blinds replace curtains

Blinds can replace curtains in some areas of the house, but you have to prepare your pocket. When choosing a model, give preference to pieces that have horizontal and wide blades, as they create a very beautiful aesthetic effect on the window. Avoid vertical blinds in residential decor, as they make the house look like an average office.

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Now you know the main bets for decoration with curtains: trends and models 2016🇧🇷 Take advantage of the news and consider these tips when choosing the ideal piece. Continue to Mundo das Tribos and see other articles about decoration.

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