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Decorating wedding cakes: trends 2013

O Wedding Cake it is one of the most important elements of the ceremony. Guests always wait for the time when the cake will be cut to try the sweet and give their opinion on the taste, whether it is pleasant or not, with just the right amount of sugar or too sweet. The decoration of the cake draws as much attention as the flavor of the dough and filling, even more so if it is made with edible products such as flowers and bows, following trends in the 2013 wedding market.

The King Cake cake with flowers that look natural (Photo: publicity)

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Decorating wedding cakes: trends 2013

Between the wedding cake decorating trends 2013 Also noteworthy are the cakes made with edible flowers using fondant, coloring, sugar and other ingredients as raw material. Some pastry shops do this job with mastery, such as The King Cake which bring 100% edible elements.

Le Malu cake with chocolate shells (Photo: publicity)

At new arrivals in wedding cake decoration 2013 they also bring cakes made with chocolate shell, roses, flowers and bows prepared by the atelier and confectionery Le malu🇧🇷 The company also manufactures cakes for children’s parties, sweets, souvenirs, engagement parties and confectionery for themed parties.

Decorating tips for wedding cakes 2013

Others decorating tips for wedding cakes 2013 are to resort to cakes made with red fruits such as strawberries spread along the layers of the sweet, as in the delicacies prepared by the haute confectionery Priscilla Wagner🇧🇷 The naked cakes Manô Andrade sweets also draw attention, this type of cake is made as if it did not have a topping, but it takes a lot of red fruits or other types of more natural sweets on top or on the base of the cake.

Naked cake by Manô Doces (Photo: publicity)

To complement the wedding cake 2013 you can also resort to sweets such as bem-casados ​​and cameos, for example. To make it look prettier, each sweet can be carefully decorated and if it’s to compose the souvenir of the event, invest in a well-made packaging. Trend tips for wedding cakes in 2013 can also cover other novelties in the wedding market and for your party to be even more current, check out news in wedding decoration.

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