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Decorating the Living Room for Christmas

As decorate living room for christmas🇧🇷 – This is a common question among people who are planning a Christmas decoration for their home. In any case, the secret lies in the choice of elements and the harmony established between them.

Decorate Living Room for Christmas. (Photo: Disclosure)

The living room is a reception space. It is in this room that the family gathers to talk or receive visitors. During the month of December, there is nothing better than letting the space be taken over by Christmas elements.

The decoration of the living room for Christmas can be elaborated with good taste and creativity. Residents can bet on decorated pine trees, themed textiles, hanging booties and ornaments made with artisanal techniques.

Some aesthetic elements cannot be left out of the Christmas decoration, as is the case with the combination of green and red colors. The characteristic characters of the date cannot be missing when decorating the living room, such as Santa Claus, reindeer, guardian angel and snowman.

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What this article covers:

Decorating the Living Room for Christmas

The Christmas tree is the star of the room decor. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check out some tips below for how to decorate the living room for christmas🇧🇷

Christmas tree

As the living room is a living area, it is the perfect place to set up a Christmas tree. It can be small, medium or large, depending on the size of the room.

When decorating the Christmas tree in the room, it is worth working with Christmas balls in red and gold colors. The bows and the star at the tip of the pine tree are also important in the composition. Don’t forget to include the blinker, as it is an important element in Christmas lighting.

booties hanging

The Christmas booties, handcrafted with knitting or felt, can be hung on the fireplace in the living room. If there is no fireplace in the room, hang it somewhere else.

Abuse of Christmas ornaments. (Photo: Disclosure)

Christmas decoration

Do you want to give your living room furniture a Christmas look? So bet on the embellishments. Santa Claus dolls, which are made with fabric, represent a great option for decorating, as well as the nativity scene and candles.

Cushion cover

Make the living room decor look like Christmas by betting on Christmas pillow covers. These pieces will decorate the sofa with charm and elegance. At the Havan store, each cover costs R$ 14.99.

christmas arrangement

To decorate some furniture in the living room, such as the coffee table, it is worth betting on an arrangement assembled with pine cones and bows. Watch the video below and learn the step by step:

Photos of rooms decorated for Christmas

Now that you know how decorate living room for christmas, put your ideas into practice and be surprised by the results. Happy Holidays!

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