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Decorating styles for wedding tables

The wedding party is an essential part of the consecration of a union. Each couple chooses elements that are in line with their financial reality and that represent the personality of the two to complete this moment. Decoration is essential to set the festive mood. For people who are in doubt regarding wedding table decorationwe separate some suggestions and photographs:

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Wedding table with flowers and green arrangement (Photo: Disclosure)

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Couples who like a wedding table with lots of flowers and foliage can diversify your wedding decor. There are many inexpensive options to make your party table more beautiful. In the photograph above, a frame with lashings was used with the famous buchinho that ended up looking like a small tree. To add color to the table, the decorator added roses. The lighter tablecloth closed this decoration with a golden key.

A very colorful wedding table (Photo: Disclosure)

Colorful on the wedding table

Those who like many colors will certainly not refuse to add to the wedding table this whole color trend. In the photograph above, the joy expressed by yellow and pink are striking features. The delicacy of the flowers inside the glasses made everything more beautiful. And surely if they told you that the tablecloth in that pink tone was excellent with the yellow roses you wouldn’t believe it. However, as the picture shows, everything turned out beautiful.

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This wedding table is more basic (Photo: Disclosure)

basic wedding table

Sometimes, a discreet decoration can be something grand depending on how things are placed, so it is worth paying attention and respecting the personality of the bride and groom. In the example above, the wedding table does not use a tablecloth, but has delicate and beautiful pieces, which leave everything organized and suitable for the occasion. Talk to the decorator to arrive at a solution that makes you happy with what you will find at the party. Before that, here are some examples of decorated tables for the wedding🇧🇷

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