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Decorating small apartments: what to avoid

Nowadays, apartments are increasingly expensive and small, and therefore it is necessary to adapt, leaving the small apartment as cozy and beautiful as a big house. For this, it is necessary to hit the decorating small apartments: what to avoidin the colors of the walls, in the layout of the furniture, carpets, mirrors and objects, in the type of things that can visually enlarge the space of the place, thus leaving the small apartment with a correct decoration.

Decorating small apartments what to avoid (Photo: Casa/Abril)

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Decorating small apartments: what to avoid

So, here are some tips for decorating small apartments: what to avoid so you don’t make mistakes and feel in a small environment, after all, there are many people who feel trapped or have a phobia of small places and the decoration can influence a lot at this moment. So, write down the tips and see what your budget allows you to do with these details in mind.

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Important tips for the small apartment

Don't overdo the decor (Photo: Home/April)

Don’t overdo the decor (Photo: Home/April)

The first step is to use only the necessary furniture, not cluttering up the house with unnecessary furniture that blocks the passages.

Prefer furniture that looks less bulky, which gives a sense of spaciousness, such as light furniture, with straight lines, light and simple design.

Instead of setting up a room with a three- and two-seater set, just use a two-seater sofa combined with small armchairs, such as chairs and ottomans, which add quantities of seats, but without blocking the passage, giving a feeling of space.

Make spaces more organized (Photo: Casa/Abril)

Make spaces more organized (Photo: Casa/Abril)

Decor influences the feeling

A good tip for decorating a small apartment is to bet on a hollow coffee table, so you can store another small puff just below the table, adding another seat without taking up space in the room.

Integrating spaces is a good solution (Photo: Casa/Abril)

Integrating spaces is a good solution (Photo: Casa/Abril)

Mess is the enemy of space, so try to organize everything. Separate the small objects and place them inside an organizing box, which can even serve as part of the decoration, do not mix many different colors, choose the decoration objects well using a maximum of four different tones, in addition to neutral ones, such as white, gray, wood tones, among others.

Choice of colors in decorating a small apartment

When organizing a small apartment, prefer walls, doors and furniture in light tones, so the environments seem to be bigger, wider and brighter, giving the impression that everything is one thing, while there are several different furniture and objects.

Use decorative items if they have a function (Photo: Casa/Abril)

Use decorative items if they have a function (Photo: Casa/Abril)

When using a standardized room, with light colors dominating, look for an item that will draw a lot of attention, giving more color and life to the environment, such as an armchair in a completely different tone, or colorful vases, with stronger colors.

From the beginning, make a planned decoration, thinking carefully about the arrangement of furniture and decoration objects, so that everything is in the right place, nothing too exaggerated or that could make the apartment visually smaller.

Mirror to decorate small apartment

Believe me, there is an item that cannot be missing from any home or apartment decor: the mirror. In the case of small properties, the mirror is a great ally when it comes to valuing the space, but it has the right spot to fit in. A very common mistake is to think that the mirror can stay in the bedroom. He can, but if he has a kind of closet, otherwise it is not recommended.

In the living room, he has the right space to enlarge the room and give the feeling of freedom, but it is also necessary to choose the right wall for this. Usually, the apartments have an entrance that leads directly to the balcony, so the mirror cannot be in the entrance – if you can, it is perfect. Otherwise, you can use the wall where the dining room is located, but be careful not to expose the object, especially in homes where there are children.

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Leave the environment clean and know how to choose where the decorative items will go (Photo: Home/Abril)

Leave the environment clean and know how to choose where the decorative items will go (Photo: Home/Abril)

Minimalist decor for small apartment

When decorating the apartment, remember that details are fundamental, but there are things that are expendable, as is the case with decorative items. There are some gadgets that make the house look crowded and that’s bad. Imagine a large amount of these objects? Of course, your eyes will get tired and your head must have already started to hurt, especially if you live in a small place and have a real sense of what that means.

Therefore, be minimalist and decorate your entire apartment with what you really like and will have functionality, otherwise, you can store these items in cupboards, so they will stay away from dust and not create a crowded environment.

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