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Decorated Rooms – Photos

Decorated Rooms – Photos is what you are looking for? Then read the article to check out a series of tips and inspiring images, which will be of great help when planning the decoration of the main living space of the house.

Decorated Rooms – Photos. (Photo: Disclosure)

Among the rooms that make up a residence, the living room is considered one of the most important areas. The environment assumes a receptive character in the room, after all, it is there that the residents receive their guests and spend good moments of conversation. There are residences that have more than one type of room, this will depend on the availability of space and decoration profile.

In apartments, it is common to see rooms with custom furniture, this style is usually beneficial to take advantage of the little space available. Furniture can be custom-made by companies specializing in the field, mixing materials to create a pleasant effect in the environment. In planned decoration, it is important to be careful with the shapes of the furniture, they need to be in balance with the other elements of the environment.

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What this article covers:

Decorated Rooms – Photos

Your living room deserves a receptive and comfortable decoration. (Photo: Disclosure)

The decorated modern living room is one of the main trends in modern living room decor. This environment avoids the fuss and uses simple features like tricks of elegance. The harmony between the lines and the combination of furniture colors are factors that make all the difference and help to decorate the room with sophistication. In addition to furniture, it is important to pay attention to the choice of carpet and curtains, these articles cannot act in the environment with a disharmonious perspective.

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For each type of room, a decoration

Each room asks for a decoration style. (Photo: Disclosure)

In a large house, we can find up to three types of rooms: dining room, living room and TV room. The decoration adopted in each of these environments will depend on the preferences of the residents and which style will be valued. There are people who prefer the boldness and modernity of contemporary decor, others bet on the rustic effect to create a more classic and cozy atmosphere.

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decorated dining room

The decorated dining room will consist of a wooden or stainless steel table (round or rectangular) and surrounded by comfortable chairs. On the table can be a glass fruit bowl or vases (avoid plastic fruits or flowers). The walls can be decorated with paintings that enhance the colors of the environment.

Bright and sophisticated dining room. (Photo: Disclosure)

Make the room more elegant with chandeliers. (Photo: Disclosure)

Decorated dining room. (Photo: Disclosure)

decorated living room

It is also necessary to elaborate a project for the decorated living room, trying to create a pleasant environment to receive visitors. This room has to adopt soft colors on the walls and offer comfortable sofas. A coffee table matches the environment, but it must be made with the same material as the shelf that is also present in this room. The curtains on the windows have more than an aesthetic function, they also contribute to controlling the ambient lighting and creating an amplitude effect.

The living room is an important living area. (Photo: Disclosure)

The decor should be comfortable and welcoming. (Photo: Disclosure)

decorated TV room

The decorated TV room, in contemporary style, can have a very daring decoration, even adopting stickers to decorate the walls. Armchairs and sofas need to be pleasant and value the predominant color tones in the environment. Finally, black-out curtains are key.

Decorated TV room. (Photo: Disclosure)

The TV room should be a real invitation to watch a good movie. (Photo: Disclosure)

The room should be dark and cozy. (Photo: Disclosure)

Tips and rules for getting the room decor right

• Start the project by defining the room’s decorative style. Will it be a modern, rustic or retro environment?

• When decorating the room, try to respect the proportion of the furniture. If the environment is small, for example, it is not good form to use large furniture.

• Try not to leave the room full of furniture and decorative ornaments. The ideal is to leave some empty spaces to create harmony in the environment.

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Get inspired by Decorated Rooms – Photos and put our tips into practice. Always remember that this room should be comfortable, receptive and act as a true invitation to coexistence inside the house.

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