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Decorated Easter Baskets 2015

At Easter baskets 2015 decorated are great options to give as a gift on the upcoming special date, consisting of a very interesting alternative to traditional chocolate eggs.

Decorated Easter Baskets 2015 (Illustrative Photo)

With Easter baskets, you have a more complete gift, as they can bring various types of chocolates and many other treats (drinks, stuffed animals, cards, etc.), and which will certainly please whoever receives them.

Whether as a gift for your girlfriend, wife (or husband), children, mother, father, relatives, friends or any special person, decorated baskets are a beautiful alternative for Easter 2015, which will be celebrated on the 5th of April.

easter basket for girlfriend

Easter baskets can be customized (Illustrative Photo)

At decorated Easter baskets have prices varying according to the quantity of items they have and the quality of the products, and can be found in stores in the field, establishments specializing in chocolates and large retailers, in addition to being sold by people who work at home.

There is also the possibility of putting together your own Easter 2015 basket, in case you want a more personalized gift. In that case, just buy a wicker or bamboo basket, and materials like crepe paper, cellophane, colored ribbons and hot glue, in addition to the items you want to add.

Easter basket 2015: models, tips for assembling

Assemble the basket according to the preferences of those who will be presented with it (Illustrative Photo)

Among the products that can accompany the basket are the most varied types of chocolates (bars, box of bonbons, BIS, Kinder Egg, Ferrero Rocher, truffles, etc.), Easter egg, chocolate bunny, biscuits and chocolate cake, among others. other products.

Depending on the profile of the person who will win the basket and also how much you want to spend, you can add a stuffed animal (rabbit, bear, etc.), flowers, a bottle of drink (wine, liquor, whiskey or craft beer), card and even a little gift (CD, DVD, book, etc.), for example.

And for the basket to gain a special touch, just make a very different decoration, using your creativity to arrange the items inside the basket and to decorate it.

How to make Easter decorations

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Decorated Easter basket templates

In search of inspiration? Check out some of the below models of decorated Easter baskets 2015🇧🇷

There are models for all age groups (Illustrative Photo)

Basket format may vary (Illustrative Photo)

More romantic version of the Easter basket (Illustrative Photo)

A more refined option (Illustrative Photo)

There are several types of chocolates in the basket (Illustrative Photo)

A stuffed animal can come in the basket (Illustrative Photo)

Assembling the basket yourself, you can include whatever you want in it (Illustrative Photo)

In addition, you still save (Illustrative Photo)

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