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Decorated Easter Basket – Tips

Do you know how to make a beautiful Decorated Easter Basket – Tips🇧🇷 Find out how to put together a beautiful gift for this commemorative date. You can use all your creativity and imagination to create a beautiful, personalized and, above all, themed basket. Check out the information we’ve separated for you and take care when putting together a basket, regardless of whether you’re going to sell it or give it to someone special.

Decorated Easter Basket – Tips. (Photo: Disclosure)

This year, Easter will be celebrated on April 5. Those who want to create gifts for the date should start planning in advance. The decorated Easter basket is very simple to make, as long as you match the colors and value the symbolic figures of this very special date on the calendar.

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Decorated Easter Basket – Tips

Remember to protect the sweets (Photo: Reproduction/Elo7)

Remember to protect the sweets (Photo: Reproduction/Elo7)

Some details are extremely important for you who want to put together a beautiful decorated Easter basket – tips. You need to think beyond the candy and chocolate, which is delicious, and remember that you need several items to decorate, pack and make the basket more beautiful. Below we separate some tips on how to make the Easter basket beautiful. You can see the photos and get inspired on how to assemble the basket, what to buy to decorate and gift someone. Shall we put our hand in the dough, or rather, in the basket?

Easter basket decorated with bunny. (Photo: Disclosure)

Capriche in the decoration

Start work by choosing the support. The Easter basket usually calls for a wicker basket, but it is also possible to bet on a cardboard cachepot or MDF box. Decorating the basket can be done with colored paper, such as crepe or tracing paper. Take a sheet of one of these materials and place it in the bottom of the basket. The handle can be decorated with a satin ribbon of the same color. Finish with the application of a bow.

Wicker basket decorated for Easter. (Photo: Disclosure)

Ornaments in felt and EVA

Some people look for different ways to decorate the Easter basket, such as using felt and EVA ornaments. Use these materials to make colorful bunnies. Then fix the parts throughout the basket, especially the handle. Some ideas are so interesting that the bunny seems to be part of the basket itself.

You can put multiple items in the basket (Photo: Reproduction/Elo7)

You can put multiple items in the basket (Photo: Reproduction/Elo7)

Felt allows you to make various types of pieces, whether to decorate or even a bag or something to store the sweets. With simple molds or even creativity, it is possible to make dolls, baskets and eggs with this type of fabric and, of course, the result is beautiful.

Choose the right items

Take the opportunity to perfect the decoration (Photo: Reproduction/Elo7)

Take the opportunity to perfect the decoration (Photo: Reproduction/Elo7)

Selecting the right items to put in the Easter basket is essential to make the gift interesting. Choose the person’s favorite chocolates, including the easter egg, bonbons and edible bunnies. To make the basket even sweeter, add a stuffed rabbit or a flower arrangement.

The choice of products that make up the basket is fundamental. (Photo: Disclosure)


Fill the bottom of the basket with silk straw. Then, take care of the disposition of the Easter products. Finish wrapping with cling film. Those who want to make a more elaborate assembly can bet on several possibilities, such as using tissue paper to place around the sweets and chocolates. In addition, many people have used more closed baskets, thus avoiding dirt or even animals.

Capriche in the packaging (Photo: Reproduction/Elo7)

Capriche in the packaging (Photo: Reproduction/Elo7)

Remember that the function of the packaging goes beyond protecting against dirt and bugs, as it is necessary to preserve the freshness of the product and the packaging serves for that too. So, do everything carefully and think through to the smallest detail.

step by step easter basket

Watch the video below and learn how to make a beautiful decorated basket to celebrate Easter:

Where to buy decorated Easter basket?

If you’re not good at handicrafts, but still want to buy a decorated Easter basket, then check out the models available on the site Link 7🇧🇷 The page has thousands of suppliers specializing in this type of work. There, you can still get other inspirations and check out the different types of basket models that are being sold online.

Put the decorated Easter basket ideas into practice – tips. You will definitely surprise friends and family with this gift.

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