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Decorated commercial bathrooms: tips, photos

The bathroom is an environment that needs privacy and comfort, so it is essential to think about every detail of your project. In commercial establishmentsthe sanitary area assumes even more importance, as it will be frequented by customers.

Handcrafted washbasin. (Photo: Disclosure)

O conventional bathroom it offers a bathing area and all other sanitary elements, such as a toilet, sink and bidet. The commercial dispenses the space with a bathtub or shower to increase the number of sinks and toilets.

The large circulation of people makes the commercial bathroom be broader and more functional. The project may vary according to the gender of the visitors and the size of the company.

An accounting firm with few clients and employees, for example, may have a smaller bathroom and not so many toilets. However, a medium-sized supermarket needs more seats and sinks so that customers don’t spend hours and hours waiting in line for the bathroom.

What this article covers:

Tips for decorating commercial bathroom

The commercial bathroom should be decorated, preferably in neutral colors. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check it out below Commercial bathroom decorating tips🇧🇷

• The commercial bathroom can be assembled with closed partitions and capable of guaranteeing user privacy. Each space will have a toilet, a trash can and a toilet paper holder. One of the divisions can be adapted for the disabled, that is, it will have more space and bars fixed to the wall.

• The washbasin can be made up of several basins, installed on the same countertop. Faucets must be easy to handle and the structure must have an automatic soap dispenser with a sector.

• At colors used in decoration they can be neutral and clear, to reinforce the feeling of cleanliness and not have a cloying effect. Many designs also explore the colors that represent the company.

• On the wall, a paper towel machine or a hand dryer can be installed.

Partitions need to guarantee privacy in the sanitary area. (Photo: Disclosure)

• So that the bathroom does not fall into the monotony of white painted walls, it is worth betting on a finish with colored glass inserts🇧🇷

• On the bench, it is necessary to install a large horizontal mirror🇧🇷 Another wall in the bathroom can be occupied with a vertical mirror, that is, that allows you to see yourself in full length.

• Small details make the difference in the decoration of the bathroom, especially when there are a maximum of two basins and three partitions with toilets. It is possible to invest in small vases of flowers and small objects that match the personality of the business.

• It is recommended not to exaggerate the amount of commercial bathroom decorations🇧🇷

Photos of commercially decorated bathrooms

See below for a selection of pictures of commercially decorated bathrooms🇧🇷

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