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Decorate your home with salvaged items! 17 original ideas to get inspired

Decorating your home is one of the most exciting activities, especially if it can be done easily and cheaply. The solution to original and certainly inexpensive decorations is, of course, creative recycling. In this way it is possible to give new life to many everyday objects that seem to have lost their original function. Pallets, old containers, disused stairs: everything can come back to life and hold countless surprises.

Decorating by recycling is an ecologically correct option, as it avoids increasing the amount of waste that must be separated; In addition, creative recycling is always tempting, as it renews environments with a unique style. Surprise family and friends with your “sui generis” ideas and let your imagination run wild creating objects that will adorn with enormous creativity.

If you have the right amount of creativity and love the idea of ​​giving a second life to everyday objects , you are in the right place. In this guide, we show you how decorate your home using salvaged objects .

We immediately started showing you the 17 ideas that we have selected for you and that we are sure will inspire you.

Come and discover our 17 original ideas to decorate with recovered objects… have fun.

17 original ideas for decorating with salvaged objects

The pallets, repainted in white, become an unusual shelf, very young and unquestionably glamorous.

DIY shelf made with 3 white painted wooden crates.

why not reuse an old ladder to make a hanger for clothes, objects and even plants to decorate a wall? Here imagination comes to your aid to create a truly “sui generis” object.

DIY bench with recycled blinds.

Old containers, the ones in which milk was kept, become truly decorative and super elegant flower pots.

The staircase, unusable as such, becomes a vintage bookcase, which is well suited to a youthful environment, with industrial touches.

DIY decorative ladder made from old wooden posts.

Recycle the ceramic container you no longer use to make a high-class flower vase.

Flower pot made with salvaged object

Do you have super worn out books you want to get rid of? Wait to do, as they can become supports for your plants: copy this beautiful idea!

The glass bottle becomes a vase of flowers: sobriety and beauty go hand in hand more than ever.

Once again the pallets, which are the masters of creative recycling, here turn into a shelf that is at the same time a flower box: what a wonderful idea!

Decorative planter made with pallets in this room.

The countertop, with a glass on top, is a perfect coffee table, large and with a modern shabby chic flavor.

Modern living room with DIY white coffee table with wooden pallet.

Another bench, which, with a lot of creativity, becomes a sofa for both outdoors and indoors: originality takes shape.

DIY outdoor sofa with pallets.

Close the benches that function as a low shelf, on which the large TV can also be placed: a mini wall equipped that can be watched.

The pallet can also become a beautiful solid foundation for your mattress: how many wonderful things can be made with creative reuse!

The pallet becomes an original headboard for the bed. A solution of enormous visual impact that looks good both in classic environments and in super contemporary environments.

why throw away the old tire? Paint it in the color that suits you best and make it a beautiful vase!

How wonderful is the piece of twisted wood, perhaps found on the beach, which becomes the support for the glass vase, with a hemispherical shape: lightness and resistance together.

Pallets and more pallets, for small shelves and then tables, made with recycled wood planks: when creativity really has no limits!

The old blinds, now in disuse, become a glamorous canvas that refers to atmospheres of the past: perfect in the bedroom!

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