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Decor inspired by Asian countries

Have you ever thought about making a Asian inspired decoršŸ‡§šŸ‡· The Asian decor is super trendy and has unique characteristics that can be adapted to different tastes and profiles. Oriental decoration can be separated into Far East, Arabic and Southeast Asia (from the region of India). These decorations have their differences and unmistakable characteristics, however, they have in common the use of natural materials (straw, wood) and the low bed.

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Several Asian countries have a low bed and sofa in their decor (Photo: Disclosure)

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Decor inspired by Asian countries

At traditional chinese decoration, colorful fabrics are used in the armchairs and sofas and items that refer to Chinese culture such as a porcelain vase. Colored dragon prints are often used. Gold, red and black predominate.

THE japanese decoration it is more sober and sophisticated. Items with prints in less vibrant tones, florals or with traditional Japanese elements, such as birds and fans. This type of decoration seeks balance and minimalism. Futons, tatami mats, stools and lots of pillows make up this environment. Low beds and round domes are also very common items. The most used materials are: wood, bamboo, cotton and linen.

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You can decorate in a subtle way using only oriental decor colors (Photo: Disclosure)

In the Indian region and in the Arab part, minimalism goes a long way. In both cultures you see a lot of ostentation for religious figures and much stronger colors. Opt for upholstery pieces, especially wool. The Indian decoration bets on the aromas of incense. The Arab part abuses gold and well-detailed furniture.

Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia and Thailand bring a more rustic and mystical oriental decoration. Use warm colors, objects and furniture in wood and natural fibers such as bamboo, rattan and straw.

If you only want to have oriental touches in your decor, bet on cultural and sacred objects from these cultures (Photo: Disclosure)

Japan, China and Korea have in common minimalism and the main colors: black, red and white. Prints of birds, bamboo and cherry blossom can be used in these three types of decoration and they can appear on pillows, wallpaper, or even, in the case of bamboo, in a vase with the plant in some corner of the house

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If you want just one touch of Asian inspired decor in your decoration, bet on the mix between the modern and the old, highlighting the style pieces. Matching a neutral sofa with throw pillows or placing an elaborate rug on the living room floor are two easy decorating ideas. If you only want to add that touch to the balcony, bet on pillows and figurines. Vibrant colors are also a trademark of this look, and can appear in upholstery, curtains, blankets and other pieces.

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Now that you know the difference between decorations in Asian countries, choose the one that best suits you, your personality, your home and/or your family and change the atmosphere in your home. If you don’t want to bet on an intense decoration, just choose the objects that you like the most and place them around the house. See below, asian-inspired home decoršŸ‡§šŸ‡·

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