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Decor and styles for gyms 2016

Check out tips from gym decor and styles 2016🇧🇷 In this matter, you will learn how to decorate an appropriate environment for working out, with equipment, stimulating colors and adequate infrastructure to practice physical exercises.

Decoration and styles for gyms 2016. (Illustrative Photo)

Every corner of the gym can be put to good use, with equipment and furniture. It’s also important to find ways to optimize space and arrange items in an organized way.

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What this article covers:

Decor and styles for gyms 2016

We share some tips from gym decor and styles 2016🇧🇷 Check out:

think of space

If you are looking to set up a gym, then think about the space first. The place needs to be spacious, airy and pleasant so that people can work out quietly, without facing discomfort or heat. Also remember to divide the environment strategically and to distribute equipment well.

More appliances than furniture

This story of including furniture in the decoration of the gym does not work well. Almost always, furniture items hinder people’s movement and make the space appear tighter. The ideal is to decorate the workout space with only the essentials, that is, the equipment, the shelves to organize the mats and the dumbbell towers.

Distribute appliances and furniture well in space.  (Ilustrative Photo)

Distribute appliances and furniture well in space. (Ilustrative Photo)

Bet on stimulating colors

People are not always excited about training. However, choosing the right colors to decorate the gym is a strategy to stimulate energy and good physical performance. Try painting one or two walls with strong, vibrant colors, such as red or yellow. If the goal is to get people to exercise at a slower pace, then it’s worth using blue or light green in the layout.

take care of the infrastructure

When planning the gym infrastructure, give preference to non-slip flooring. This coating prevents accidents and offers more safety when working out. Another suggestion is to install an acoustic insulation system so as not to disturb the neighborhood.

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Invest in mirrors

The mirrors, when installed on the walls of the gym, make the environment more stimulating, relaxed and modern. Each person can exercise by watching his own body: how muscles are forming and how extra pounds are disappearing from the silhouette. Using mirrors in decoration is also a strategy to reinforce the feeling of spaciousness.

Modern gym with clean decor.  (Ilustrative Photo)

Modern gym with clean decor. (Ilustrative Photo)

use plants

Gyms almost always adopt a mechanical, cold and unwelcoming style. To break a little of the monotony of the machines, it is worth including plants at strategic points in the space. This touch of nature makes the environment lighter and more cozy.

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Now you know good ideas of gym decor and styles 2016🇧🇷 Put these tips into practice and build an amazing workout space. Continue to Mundo das Tribos and see other articles about decoration.

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