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Decor and fragrances for your home

If you are planning to your home decorthen it is the right time to think about the fragrances🇧🇷 Each room deserves a special perfume and, for that, you need to choose a good air freshener.

The aromatizers, responsible for spreading fragrances in the house, are true stimuli for feelings of well-being and balance. They relieve the stress of routine, in addition to providing calm, peace and lightness.

Cozy corner with aromatizers. (Photo: Reproduction/DYH)

What this article covers:

Decor and fragrances for your home

There are different ways to flavor the house, most of which have some impact on decoration. As flavorings are exposed, it is very important to worry about making a neat and decorative packaging.

We share some tips from decoration and fragrances for your home🇧🇷 Look:

Diffusers by rods

You rod diffusers guarantee a long-lasting fragrance in small rooms, such as the bedroom and bathroom. The perfume is diffused through sticks, partially immersed in a perfumed liquid. To preserve the effect of this flavoring, it is very important to invert the rods.

The diffuser by sticks perfumes and decorates.  (Photo: Reproduction/DYH)

The diffuser by sticks perfumes and decorates. (Photo: Reproduction/DYH)

The rod diffuser can be a decoration object, as long as it is placed on a very pretty tray.

Scented candles

Many people are leaving beautiful and smelling house through scented candles. This type of air freshener gradually releases the scent as the wax burns. You can use candles to decorate living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and toilets. It is also useful in composing arrangements.

Candle heated diffusers

Do you want to leave your home with a more zen decoration? If the answer is yes, buy the diffuser via candle heating. It diffuses the fragrance through the evaporation of an essential oil. There are a number of very beautiful models that contribute to the aesthetics of the house.

environment sprays

There is an extensive variety of home air fresheners, as is the case with room spray. This product does not contribute to the decoration, but it sprays perfume into the air, thus eliminating any type of odor, especially in bathrooms and kitchens.

Spray scents.  (Photo: Reproduction/Blogdecornewsnoar)

Spray scents. (Photo: Reproduction/Blogdecornewsnoar)

Best fragrances for every room in the house

Fragrances should be chosen according to the needs of each room in the house. The living room, for example, asks for essences that are cheerful and capable of energizing, such as lemongrass, peppermint and rosemary. already the bathroom scent it must be fresh and smell clean, as is the case with eucalyptus and citronella.

The bedroom calls for a relaxing fragrance capable of stimulating sleep, such as lavender and basil. In the kitchen, it is worth working with aromas that harmonize with the smell of food, such as orange and tangerine.

What’s up? There was some doubt about decoration and fragrances for your home🇧🇷 Leave a comment.

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